Newt and Callista Gingrich

Callista Gingrich Not The Most Popular Potential First Lady

According to the Public Policy Polling Survey it seems that Callista Gingrich, third wife of presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, isn’t very well liked by most Americans.

Of all of the presidential candidate’s spouses, Callista, Michelle Obama, Ann Romney and Karen Santorum, only Callista has a higher unfavorable rating than favorable. This is a bad sign for Newt because usually political wives are used to “humanize” a candidate.

Despite having previously telling journalists that she didn’t particularly like America so much, Michelle Obama received the best numbers in the poll. 54% of those polled said they had a favorable opinion of her while only 34% said they had an unfavorable. 12% of those polled didn’t know how to feel about her.

Granted, 38% of those polled said they were not sure how they felt about Callista Gingrich, meaning they had no idea who she was, but for those who did know who she was only 18% had a favorable view of her. Contrast that with the 44% that said they had an unfavorable view of her. On the campaign trail Callista has been called stiff. Also, she is hurt by the fact that she is Newt’s third wife but started seeing her when he was still married to his second wife.

The poll did not ask about Ron Paul’s wife, Carol.

The poll also found (to add a bit of randomness to the poll) that Mitt Romney is not as hurt by the revelation that he strapped his family dog Seamus to roof of his car for an extended road trip as the media may have portrayed. When directly told the story about Seamus, a full 55% said the story wouldn’t affect the way they felt about Mitt at all.

Do you have a favorable view of Callista Gingrich?