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Bethenny Frankel Has Wardrobe Malfunction In Front Of ‘Anderson’ Audience [Video]

Bethenny Frankel revealed a little more than she bargained for in an interview with Anderson Cooper that aired Monday.

The 41-year-old star of Bethenny Ever After inadvertently flashed her bright pink underwear to Cooper’s studio audience, after she accepted a push-up challenge from the host.

It seems Frankel got a little overexcited for the contest between the two. As she jumped down to the studio floor to commence push-ups, her flighty dress flew clear over her buttocks, to much whooping from the audience and a shocked screech from the former ‘Real Housewife’.

The wardrobe malfunction, which occurred during a taping of the show, was blurred in the broadcast.

Cooper could do little but chuckle at the accidental exposure, and Frankel herself took it in good spirits, scoping the audience with a reddened face. “How’d it look?” she asked the crowd, who responded with cheers. “Pink? You saw the pink? Alright.”

Then she pointed out that hey, at least she was wearing underwear, something Snooki might not have done.

Cooper didn’t miss an opportunity to tease the celebrity, pointing out, “That whole side of the room is like ‘yes’ and this side of the room is “what did we miss?'”

The episode of Anderson aired on Monday, March 19, but you can watch it yourself below: