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Man Makes Startling Confession On Radio Call-In Show — Karma Delivered Quickly And Harshly [Audio]

The lesson learned from this story is, if you want to make a confession, go to a priest, or a cop. Talk radio may not be the best place to bare your soul and air your deepest, darkest secrets — especially a national radio show.

A man in Ireland named only as Michael found that out the hard way — in fact, in the hardest way possible — when he called in on Thursday to a talk show on the country’s 4FM radio station, where host Niall Boylan was leading a discussion around the issue of whether a friend who knew of another friend’s adultery should spill the beans to the aggrieved spouse, or keep it to himself or herself.

Michael called in to unburden his soul of the fact that, in the course of his 17-year marriage, he had slept with four other women, all of them according to the caller, one-night stands. Which seems incredible, but we’ll assume that the calls were real and not an elaborate prank.

Anyway, Michael claimed that his wife knew about one of the adulterous episodes — but was blissfully unaware of the other three.

In fact, Michael told Boylan some of those women that he bedded were actually close friends of his wife. Though it seems debatable whether they can truly be described as “friends” if they were willing to have affairs, however brief, with their friend’s husband.

But Michael’s wife had at least one true friend out there, and unfortunately for Michael, she was listening to the popular show — Boylan advertises himself as “one of Ireland’s most controversial talk show hosts” — exactly when Michael was rambling on about his extramarital activities.

Identifying herself as “Claire” and saying right off the bat that she recognized Michael’s voice immediately, she wasted no time getting to the point.

“Michael what the f*** are you playing at,” an appalled Claire demanded. “Either you tell her or I’ll play the podcast back tomorrow morning.”

Michael tried to laugh off the call, protesting that “Claire” must be a put-on — or a “wind-up” as they say in Ireland. But this was no wind-up, as it turned out.

Listen to the recording of Michael’s fateful call to the Niall Boylan show, right here. But don’t go away — there’s even more to this sordid story.

On Friday, Michael’s wife called in — her name, it turned out, is Anne — to Boylan’s show and gave her own extremely fed-up response to her husband’s ill-advised on-air confession.

Anne declared on the air that her marriage to Michael was now finished.

“He can apologize all he wants but I won’t be accepting any from him. I don’t know where he got his big brave head and his secrets out on radio,” she declared. “Good luck to him.”

But Anne wasn’t finished yet. She went on to announce that on Friday morning, she had called the husbands of the women who slept with Michael, to let them know exactly what her own husband had confessed on air.

“So you didn’t just wreck one marriage, you wrecked four, so good luck to you,” she proclaimed. “I’m coming over later to take the car with me, so you better find yourself a shelter.”

Listen to all of the real-life drama of the talk radio show confession in the audio clip above.

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