Makeup Study

Makeup Use By Men Growing Exponentially In Popularity

Makeup use by men is getting incredibly popular according to a new study. The research confirms that more than three million men in Britain admit to wearing makeup.

The makeup use by men research study was conducted by Opinium Research among 1,800 men. More than a third of the men who use makeup said that they usually borrowed makeup cosmetics from their wives or girlfriends, and 40% of them said that their significant others gave them advice or even helped them to apply the makeup.

The men who use makeup mostly consist of self-described “metrosexuals,” defined as “young, urban heterosexual males with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste.” The most popular makeup items among men? The report by Opinium Research claims that it is makeup products like eyeliner, hair dye, eye cream, nail varnish, fake tans and anti-aging creams. However, the study also says that men admit to using lipstick, mascara, face powder and concealer.

The makeup study says that one in four men who wear makeup usually apply it at least once per week. The same 25% say that they would feel uncomfortable going out for an evening without any makeup on.

Apparently, men aren’t adverse to using “budget makeup solutions” or DIY makeup options either. One in 12 men in the survey said they’ve used toothpaste to dry out spots on their faces and one in 20 have placed cucumber slices over their eyes. Four percent have used sea salt as a body scrub..

James Endersby, the Managing Director of Opinium Research, commented on the results of the study.

“The research shows the increasing trend that men are just as aware about their appearance as women, and like to take care of the way they look. We’re living in an age where male celebrities can be seen to be wearing ‘manscara’ and ‘guyliner’ and everybody takes it as the norm. It looks like the metrosexual man is here to stay.”

What do you think? If you’re a man, do wear the occasional dab of concealer or don a fake tan? If you’re a woman, are you more attracted to a makeup wearing man that has a bit of eyeliner on? Or do you think there’s something not quite right about a man wearing makeup?

Photo by George Markis/Getty Images