Adam Goodsell Death: Utah Crash Victim Planning Wedding Proposal Dies [Video]

A 32-year-old man who crashed his car on the way to propose to his girlfriend in Utah has died.

According to a family announcement, Adam Goodsell, of Preston, Idaho, died Sunday from injuries he suffered March 9, when his car rolled off a road near Providence.

ABC News reports that Goodsell was on his way to propose to the love of his life, Goldie Chaney, driving from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Logan Friday with the engagement ring in hand.

But 30 minutes after sharing the plans with his sister by cellphone from his car, Adam Goodsell found himself frantically calling 911 for help. The brakes had gone out.

“I’m going down Sardine Canyon,” Goodsell told the 911 operator. “My brakes went out. The gas pedal is stuck.”

The operator asked whether he was headed northbound or southbound. But there was no response on the other end of the phone because Goodsell had already crashed his Land Rover and been ejected from the car.

Authorities at the scene of the crash say Goodsell was not wearing a seat-belt when his vehicle left the roadway.

Though police reported that a preliminary investigation confirmed that brake failure played a role in the crash, what caused the vehicle to malfunction remains under investigation.

Adam was hospitalized for nine days with various head injuries, but his family remained optimistic. Goodsell’s girlfriend too, was positive, accepting the ring in the hopes that the man would wake up and be able to propose himself.

Sadly, he never did.

In a Facebook posting around 1pm Sunday on the “Support Adam Goodsell” web page, his family wrote:

“Thank you all for the love, support and prayers. Adam has returned to his heavenly father and mother. Rest In Peace Adam! You will always be in our hearts. We love you and are grateful to have had you in our lives.”

via Deseret News