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Dramatic Video: Vigilante Nabs Pedophile, Leaping On Hood Of Car After Luring Man Into Meeting Girl

A dramatic video surfaced this week showing a self-styled vigilante “pedophile hunter” in a frightening confrontation with a 57-year-old man who later admitted that he was on his way to meet a 13-year-old-girl to have sexual relations with her. The video helped persuade Pervez Akhtar — a dad of six kids from England’s West Midlands region — to plead guilty to the pedophilia charges, as well as to a dangerous driving charge.

Akhtar was sentenced to 15 months in prison, a sentence shorter than it could have been, perhaps because the young teen girl he wanted to meet for illicit purposes was not real.

Instead, “Jodie” was the creation of vigilante Stinson Hunter — whose original name was Kieran Parsons before he had it legally changed — who was actively looking for pedophiles on whom he could mete out his vigilante justice.

Watch the stunning video above, of the moment when Hunter confronts Akhtar, and the man attempts to drive away with Hunter on the hood of his car.

The vigilante was thrown from the vehicle and suffered a badly broken foot that kept him in a hospital for seven days and in a wheelchair for another two weeks.

Though police say they have tried to stop Hunter and his associates from continuing their vigilante activities, the self-styled superhero has reportedly developed evidence used to convict 10 different men of sex offenses related to children.

Hunter’s controversial tactics have spawned several imitators as well, including the group Dark Justice, as reported in this Inquisitr story from February.

One of Hunter’s targets, 45-year-old Michael Parkes, committed suicide last year after being enticed into what he believed to be a meeting with a 12-year-old girl — and filmed by Hunter’s team when he was confronted by the vigilante.

But prosecutors this week again credited Hunter with playing an instrumental role on convicting Akhtar.

After Hunter created the “Jodie” profile online, the fictional 13-year-old was contacted by an older man using the screen name Ink45, and later giving his name as Pia Shalako.

Ink45, who later turned out to be Akhtar, asked the supposed 13-year-old if she had ever performed oral sex acts on a man, proposed a “threesome” with a female friend and sent “Jodie” a picture of his own exposed penis. He then requested that “Jodie” send him nude pictures of herself.

Replying as the 13-year-old, the vigilante said that “she” had never taken nude pictures, but the two arranged a meeting where it was understood that the 57-year-old pedophile would have sexual relations with the pubescent girl. It was at that meeting, with Hunter showing up in place of the non-existent “Jodie,” that the dramatic video was filmed.

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