‘Sims 4: Go To School’ Mod Is Like ‘Get To Work’ For Kids

Though the Sims 4 was released to a lukewarm reception, Electronic Arts has come a long way in redeeming the faith of their fans with updates and the release of the first Sims 4 expansion pack Get to Work.

As with the entire line of Sims games that have come before, fans have enjoyed modifying the Sims to customize gameplay in ways that fit into their own agenda. Some popular Sims mods are teenage pregnancy, risky woohoo, objects that instantly increase needs, new hairstyles, and better fashion, just to name just a few. One Sims 4 mod has gone where no mods have gone before and, in essence, created an entire Sims 4 expansion that is made to work alongside the Sims 4: Get to Work.

As the official Electronic Arts’ released Sims 4 expansion allows players to fully follow and control adults at work in three different careers (doctor, scientist, and detective), the Go to School mod by Zerbu allows the same type of gameplay for all the little Sims children and teenagers. Fans have the choice to follow their little Sims to school or not, which is a good thing, considering the more fertile Sims may have a house full of children going to school all at the same time, as well as hard working Sims parents going to various jobs. However, the player will surely like the variety of sharing their attention with each of the Sims they create.

According to the International Business Times, the new Sims 4 mod will encompass both elementary school and high school. Sims children in both age groups will be able to physically go to school while also being completely controllable. All Sims kids will also be able to go on field trips, participate in weekly collection hunts, enjoy wearing costumes to school on specified days, and play hookie.

For elementary Sims, three school days, an orientation of sorts, must be completed before random events will begin to occur. For teens, two regular school days must be attended before going to classes with daily goals to complete, like those on playable careers in the Sims 4: Get to Work.

While this new mod for the Sims 4 is exciting and certainly brings a new dimension to the game, it is important to note that it can cause negative effects in the game. This is not an official Sims 4 expansion pack and has not been created, released, or endorsed by Electronic Arts. The following video is an overview by one Sims 4: Go to School fan.

Do you think the risk of gaming bugs is worth the benefit of the well-rounded Sims 4 school experience?

[Image via Kotaku]