Minecraft: Xbox Edition Third Birthday Skin Pack

‘Minecraft: Xbox 360 Editon’ Celebrates Third Birthday With Free Skin Pack

It may seem hard to believe, but Minecraft is celebrating its third birthday on the Xbox 360 this week. Mojang and 4J Studios teamed up to give away an all-new skin pack for free to both Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners. Meanwhile, previous birthday skin packs have returned.

While Saturday, May 9 is the official birthday for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, the developers are celebrating a little early and will continue to do so for more than a week. The 3rd Birthday Skin Pack is currently available as a free download from the Xbox Store until May 17.

“We’re giving the 20 million players on Xbox 360 and Xbox One a heap of colourful skins,” Mojang’s Owen Hill announced on the developer’s official blog. “From today until the 17th of May three packs will be available to download for free. There’s a brand-new bundle featuring veteran Mojangstas and a few cheeky extras, our 2nd Birthday Skin Pack from last year, and our 1st Skin Pack from Minecraft’s first birthday.”

Those “Mojangstas” that Hill refers to are lead developer Jens Bergensten, business guy Daniel Kaplan, always anonymous Markus (Junkboy), Aron Nieminen, Mattis Grahm, Henrik Petterson, Daniel Frisk, Jon Kågström, Måns Olson, Johan Bernhardsson, Lydia Winters, Karin Severinson, Kristoffer Jelbring, Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams, and Erik Broes. The last two skins are completely upside down for a bit of an inside joke.

Non-Mojangsta skins include Redstone Man, The End Man, and Sandstone Man.

While PlayStation owners did not get the free skin pack today, they shouldn’t worry too much. The PlayStation 3 second anniversary is coming in December, the first anniversary for PlayStation 4 is coming in September, and PS Vita first anniversary will arrive in October. 4J Studios and Mojang will surely have something planned for the top-selling game on one of those dates.

There’s still no word on when the next Title Update will be released for Minecraft: Xbox Editions or PlayStation Editions. A recent small Minecraft update to Xbox consoles added a new default skin and more achievements to the Xbox One. A larger update that brings the console version of the game is expected in the coming months.

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[Images via Mojang]