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Sarah L. Tolzien, Teacher, Accused of Sex with 16-Year-Old

Sarah L. Tolzien

Sarah L. Tolzien, a teacher in Richton Park, Illinois, is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old male student, according to local media reports. Tolzien, 24, is charged with felony sexual assault.

Sarah L. Tolzien Investigation

Detectives say Sarah L. Tolzien, who teaches English and coaches the boys varsity cross country team at Rich South High School, had sexual relations with the teen on two separate occasions. The interactions are believed to have taken place in November, when Tolzien drove the boy home from school. An investigation has been underway since that time.

Sarah L. Tolzien is currently being held in the city of Matteson with bond set at $10,000. She is scheduled to appear in court on April 15. Tolzien herself is from the city of Arlington Heights.

Though the formal charges were just announced, Tolzien has been on administrative leave since December 1, police indicate.

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22 Responses to “Sarah L. Tolzien, Teacher, Accused of Sex with 16-Year-Old”

  1. JB

    I think its strange that an 18 year old can be sent to war, yet this is deemed a felony. I remember being sixteen and didn't feel vulnerable one bit. I think there's a difference whether the younger party is male or female. Moreover, the age difference should also be a factor. JMHO

  2. RonnieInLA

    Yeah……..I somehow doubt the dude here was complaining :)

  3. Rob

    Where were these teachers when i was in school ? i would love to be 16 banging a 24 year old.

  4. MP

    anyone who thinks that this is okay is retarded. First of all, I'm at that school everyday to drop off and pick up my kid. I don't know this particular teacher, but I've seen her before. I hope they throw her under the jail. It's not just a fact of age or the victim of her crime is male…it's that she abused her position as a teacher of our children for her own sexual gratification. And, since the law sees this as a felon….I don't see what the military has to do with this. If the victim were 18 and in the military, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Since he wasn't….we are. It is a crime what she did – plain and simple. I hope she never gets out of jail again.

  5. Paul Revel

    Reverse the roles, a 24yr old male teacher has sex with a 16yr old female student, and the man would be lynched with everyone crying bloody murder. She misused her authority and position to satisfy her own needs. What if every politician did this? Oh wait, nevermind.

  6. Where was I?

    I never got so lucky! I wish some teachers would have molested me! Nothing will happen to her like it would if it was a male teacher.

  7. A.

    What a wonderful red-herring. Bill Clinton is not the point, you fool. Don't dance around it.

  8. hji

    i go there and they just started getting it known but we knew it when it first happend

  9. ER

    Um yeah… to MP down there… Shut the hell up. You drop your kid off, you don't know her. And you don't know the story.
    I dont know the true story either but i know she was my teacher. And i also know the kid involved. She did a dumb, dumb things. People make mistakes. She should NOT be locked up and put away as a pervert. Would you care if the age was 18 and 26? No cause thats hardly a difference! Neither is there ages. This kids parents are just tight asses.

  10. J.L

    Well I do know the teacher and I do know the story and as far as I'm concerned she's a dumbass and it's her fault she got locked up. It happened TWICE so it's not like she just slipped up or didn't know what she was doing. she knew the consequences of her actions but decided to go against the law anyways. doesn't matter how nice she was or if you knew her or not, he was 16 and she's 24. that's considered statutory rape. She got through college she's not that stupid.

  11. socal_nick

    It's clear this is happening a lot. What I wonder is if it is anything new, or are we just hearing about it more? I suspect it is on the rise – but the question is – WHY? How is that a 24 year old woman feels this is okay to do with a student to whom she has a responsibility to educate and care for. I'm sure I would have been as eager as the next guy when I was 16 to take her offer – but that doesn't mean it would be healthy for me and she abused the trust of the parents who put their kids in her care.

  12. jim

    I think a big reason it is on the rise is because of cell phones and e-mail accounts.It allows these teaches to communicate and groom their victims in private.The sad part is most school not want to put any restrictions on this type of communications

  13. Aly

    For someone who is so sensitive to the issues of the school, I think its ironic that you call people retarded, which is disrespectful toward any child with a disability, some of which are at that high school. So if you're going to bash on the person who brought up the military comment, then I think it's also fair to take notice of your poor word usage.

    In regards to the man who asked about the rise in these situations… I think it has always been going on, probably more before than now… schools are much more stricter today than they were years ago (not that it was permissable than). However, I think it was less known about years ago because of technology. In addition, I can only imagine that some of these are falsely reported. It's not that hard to accuse a teacher, and if you don't like her/him (for failing you, etc) its easy to accuse. I'm not saying this teacher is guilty or innocent since obviously I wasn't there… however if the text msg statement is true, then I'm sure they have all the proof they need.

  14. Aly

    I knew her in college. Whether the accusations are true or not, I don't know. In some ways I hope it is true, because if its not, her life is being ruined over a false accusation. Assuming it is true, I was stupid of her to ruin her career over this. Her responsibility was to show the kids a good role model. While I don't know the boy involved, if he's like many 16 year old boys, he's probably having sex anyways (unfortunate but true). Therefore, I doubt she traumatized him or unconsentually took advantage of him, but I do believe she showed extrememly poor judgement and deserves what she gets for it. Teachers work hard to help their students grow academically and even socially…….. poor judgement like this makes teachers loose credibility. If the accusations are false, I hope this teacher gets her life back and her innocence is proved. If the accusations are true, she'll be paying for her decisions for the rest of her life.

  15. CP

    Well I know the boy and love him to death…but i would be lying if I say that I agree with everything. There is no way Ms. Tolzien should be the only person responsible for the actions that they BOTH chose to make. Why is he still enjoying his life, why is him and his friends walking around high five-ing each other? If she is going to be punished then so should he. There is no way he should be still on the sports teams or going to prom. He should definetly be on some kind of probation. I myself think the whole rich district sucks. Me being a parent have had several run ins with South and they like to sweep stuff under the rug. Whats really said is that the girl that he is in a relationship with parents dont know about the situation and would be very hurt that she is keeping it from them….

  16. lavell1599

    I actually was on the Cross Country Team With Ms. Tolzin and the other coach.. we had loads of fun and i cannot beleive that this whole thing going on between him and Ms. T. slipped right under our noses. Now I am not saying that i don't think she is at foul. I personally noticed some things going on. But he is at just blame as she is i do not appreciate him not being punished. Because if they did exchange in sexual intercourse (I highly disbelive it) It is not as if he was forced. Be braged on and on at school and acted as if him and I were still friends. He is a coward and an arragant young man. I thought he was a gentleman in the beginning but now i see other wise. I just realy hope that Sara Tolzin is given a second chance because we all make mistakes. And i miss her more each day.

  17. lavell1599

    I really do appericate your view on things it is about time people stop just blaming her she was an excellent woman.

  18. JMB

    I went to high school with Sarah and we had a couple of classes together. We weren't good friends, but we did talk every once and awhile. I found it interesting that this past Saturday I saw her at a local bar in Mount Prospect. What surprised me even more was she was trying to pick up men. My friend was having her birthday party and Sarah crashed it and was asked to leave. I don't understand why somebody that is in the situation that she is in would be going to bars, drinking, and picking up men. If I was facing such serious charges I would be keeping a low profile and staying at home in a safe environment with my family.

  19. Equalizer197

    I know Sarah and her family. They are very nice people. I do not know what happened in this case as I was not there. I do know that she has stated that she is innocent and that the boy was lying about the incidents taking place. We are quick to jump to conclusions before the case has even gone to court. For the person who went to high school with Sarah. What if she is innocent should she not have the right to go out? Give me a break. She has not been convicted of anything at this point. So don't be so quick to judge.


    SARA is what we refer to a a daddy-issues type girl… real loser.. she will need those track skills in lockup to keep away from her new 235 pound cellmate, LaShaniqua

  21. SouthGrl

    HAHAHAHA..dis boy ain’t no victim! He bragged about it in school. I herd it str8t from his mouth!

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