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Walking Dead Finale: Producer Says Killing Spree Will Continue Tonight

The Walking Dead finale airs tonight on AMC and according to producer Glen Mazzara anyone could die tonight.

The Walking Dead has seen some key characters die in the last few episodes. A walker took out Dale two weeks ago and last week Dale was killed by his best friend, Rick. At the end of last weeks’ show we see hundreds of walkers starting to descend upon the farm. The gang will have to fight their way out and according to Mazzara, not everyone will make it. Mazzara said:

“We’re on a good killing spree right now… I guarantee there will be bloodshed.”

Mazzara didn’t say who would be killed tonight but did say that the writers have thought up death scenarios for every character. Mazzara said that the show would kill off anyone in order to keep the story moving forward. Mazzara said:

“No character is safe. We have examined killing every character on this show.”

If, for some reason, you still have hope that all of the characters on The Walking Dead will make it out alive tonight, series creator Robert Kirkman echoed Mazzara’s sentiments by saying:

“The finale is probably our biggest episode so far. (It’s complete and utter chaos. The cast we begin the episode with is radically altered by the end of the episode.”

Are you watching The Walking Dead tonight? Do you hope someone survives tonight’s episode? Are you hoping for one of the characters to die?

Here’s a trailer for The Walking Dead.