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Walking Dead Finale: Producer Says Killing Spree Will Continue Tonight

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The Walking Dead finale airs tonight on AMC and according to producer Glen Mazzara anyone could die tonight.

The Walking Dead has seen some key characters die in the last few episodes. A walker took out Dale two weeks ago and last week Dale was killed by his best friend, Rick. At the end of last weeks’ show we see hundreds of walkers starting to descend upon the farm. The gang will have to fight their way out and according to Mazzara, not everyone will make it. Mazzara said:

“We’re on a good killing spree right now… I guarantee there will be bloodshed.”

Mazzara didn’t say who would be killed tonight but did say that the writers have thought up death scenarios for every character. Mazzara said that the show would kill off anyone in order to keep the story moving forward. Mazzara said:

“No character is safe. We have examined killing every character on this show.”

If, for some reason, you still have hope that all of the characters on The Walking Dead will make it out alive tonight, series creator Robert Kirkman echoed Mazzara’s sentiments by saying:

“The finale is probably our biggest episode so far. (It’s complete and utter chaos. The cast we begin the episode with is radically altered by the end of the episode.”

Are you watching The Walking Dead tonight? Do you hope someone survives tonight’s episode? Are you hoping for one of the characters to die?

Here’s a trailer for The Walking Dead.

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26 Responses to “Walking Dead Finale: Producer Says Killing Spree Will Continue Tonight”

  1. Linny Gutierrez

    Well they should be aware that there are some characters that really make the program and if they kill them off, viewers may decide its game over. You can't just have a show around "how gruesome" can we make it each episode. Its already starting to get boring in that regaurd.

  2. Frank Jackson

    It's about time there were some ZOMBIES in this Zombie-Soap Opera! I hope they get them off the farm, the story line is stagnating there. After wasting 6 out of nine episodes looking for an uninteresting, b-character's even less interesting kid, we need some action!

  3. Anthony Guthrie

    Ummm…if you kill off the hot blonde chick, I'm all done! (Just don't tell my wife I said that!)

  4. Peter Roa

    I'm about to eat the brains of the farm owner Hershel myself as he is such a dufus. Did anyone else wonder how Shane turns into a Zombie after Rick kills him in self defense with a knife? Maybe the knife had zombie blood on it?

  5. Joseph Pohtaytoes

    I'm glad I stopped watching. I heard what they had done in the comics with the characters, and unfortunately I don't really want a revolving door of characters who get expanded on a bit, then munched on zombies a few episodes later. I really did like the show, but if those that get characterized are just going to get munched on, what's the point? Just another kill 'em all, honestly… I thought the first few episodes were really good, then they started throwing buckets of blood everywhere. What I don't get is if they want new characters, why not focus on an entirely new group? Let the first successfully start a hideout that survives the zombies, then a radio signal reaches out to a new group…

  6. James Mosley

    Peter Roa – I think it was because of the proximity of the horde – and the virus mutating – from now on if you die you become a zombie i.e. the two guards in the last episode with no bite marks/scratches

  7. Anonymous

    Peter Roa If you recall the doctor at the CDC whispered something to Rick before blowing the place up…he told him that everyone is infected…that you don't have to get bitten or scratched. Everyone is infected, not affected…until death.

  8. Anonymous

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  9. Peter Roa

    James Mosley – follow up question: if the two guards were dead with no bite marks/scratches [and were now Zombies] why were they not walking around looking for brains being Zombies? (I really do have a life). LOL

  10. Anthony Guthrie

    Kimberly Putnam : Yeah….we ALL know what ya wanna do with Dick, I mean Rick!

  11. David Anthony Alvarez II

    fostinian- Really? That's what my neighbor said too! I think that's true it's not like you STD's which you would have to have a sexual intercourse to get the disease. I'm starting to think the disease is transmitted by breathe or something. Hopefully Rick,Andrea,T Dog,Lori, and Glenn make it out alive. I think the killing spree is to subsitute time for when they leave Herschel's. I have to admit that is the boring episode.

  12. Tim Rumblefish

    I did like the hooded person who saved them. But I agree they are killing off too many good characters. Touch looks like a really promising show from the pilot.

  13. Linny Gutierrez

    I thought I detected possible female under that hood and shroud…but we'll see. I didn't care for her/his "pets" however, but all of it is probably for some kind scent protection. Poor Dale though. Didn't see that until yesterday (shudder) and although I knew Shane was coming…, it was wrenching. The ones who got it last night, we hardly ever saw anyhow… like the expendable redshirts in Original Star Trek. That kid Carl seems quite able to stir up planty of dire consequences. Moms getting on my nerves too. Should've just left Shane alone and quit trying to "explain" things to him. He was already loosing it.

  14. Devan Royer

    they wont kill off Rick, they will kill hershel I don't think they will kill lori just yet. If they decide to kill Glenn, I will stop watching. If they kill Carl, Ill probably enjoy it a little more, but I honestly doubt they are going to do that. I mean this is all about money, so why kill off a kid actor that probably doesn't get paid a lot in the first place. If they stick to the comments, then the series has just begun to get good. A lot of shit will happen that pushes the boundaries of right and wrong, and Rick becomes a whole different entirely. WEll that's my two cents anyway.

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