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Caught On Video: Mom Abandons Baby On Darkened Street — But How Newborn Was Saved Is Extraordinary

A mom was caught on a security camera video last month shockingly abandoning her newborn baby boy, with his umbilical cord still attached, under a streetlamp in Paraiba, Brazil. But despite the heartbreaking beginning to this child’s life, the story has a happy ending — but at the same time, it’s s story so improbable Hollywood could not have scripted it better.

The young woman who abandoned the baby apparently was somehow able to keep her pregnancy concealed — her family had no idea that she was expecting a child. Reportedly, she decided she no longer wanted the baby after she broke up with her boyfriend, the child’s father.

The man knew that his girlfriend was pregnant, but she soon told him that she had miscarried the baby, and the pregnancy was over.

Abortion in Brazil is illegal, punishable by up to three years in prison.

For women who choose to have abortions anyway, the underground procedures in that country come with extraordinary risks. There are reportedly 200,000 women every year hospitalized as a result of bungled abortions carried out by outlaw, unqualified abortionists, and it is believed that at least one woman dies in Brazil every two days from the effects of botched abortions.

The new mother gave birth in her own bathroom. In the disturbing video above, she is captured by a security camera leaving her naked newborn baby on the street, presumably hoping someone will find the child, because she abandons the baby under the light of a street lamp, where he could be easily spotted.

And indeed, the baby was spotted, luckily just a half-hour after being abandoned on the street by its mom — and this is where the story goes from tragic to incredible.

In the video, an older man can be seen picking up the child, saving the little boy’s life. He brought the child to a hospital where doctors nurtured the child back to health.

The man decided to keep the child and named the boy Moises. But when he finally saw the CCTV video of the woman abandoning the boy, after police made it public, he saw something that he could barely believe.

The woman in the video was his own daughter. He was Baby Moises’ grandfather.

He chose not to turn his daughter into the police — but there was still one more twist to the incredible tale of Baby Moises.

Someone else saw the video and recognized the mom. That someone was the woman’s ex-boyfriend, the father of Baby Moises. And as it turned out, he is also named Moises — Moises Pereira Teixeira. Suddenly, he not only had a son, but one who bore his own name.

The woman now faces criminal charges and a mental health evaluation, but Teixeira says he is not concerned about that.

“Discovering my baby boy who I didn’t even know existed was safe after being abandoned at birth was such an emotional thing. And knowing that by sheer coincidence he had been given my name was an ever greater emotion,” Teixeira said to Brazilian TV network Globo. “I hope now to win permanent custody. What happens to the mom is a question of divine justice. It’s not for me to forgive.”

[Image: Globo TV]