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WWE News: Chris Jericho Scheduled For More Dates, Is He Returning To The WWE?

The last time the WWE Universe saw Chris Jericho on WWE TV competing was his steel cage match with Bray Wyatt on WWE Raw. Jericho climbed up to the top of the cage and landed a cross-body on Wyatt at the bottom of the cage. Since then, Jericho has been pursuing his other interests in life like writing books, performing with his band, Fozzy, and doing WWE shows that aren’t on television.

Yes, Jericho was considering himself the “anti-Brock Lesnar” during his most-recent run with the WWE. He didn’t want to do any TV programs, but rather the Ayatollah of Rock-N-Rolla was only interested in WWE live events. That is where Jericho puts over the WWE’s young stars and can have 5-star matches with them whenever he pleases.

That’s always been Jericho’s motive when he wrestles for the WWE. He’s all about putting talent over. The former-WWE champion had his moment in the sun, now it’s his time to give back. Speaking of that, after his podcast with Stephanie McMahon on the WWE Network, does this mean he’s going to return to the WWE?

Normally, that’s a premature question. However, there is a new report that suggests otherwise. According to WrestlingNews, Chris Jericho is on his way back to the WWE, but in a familiar capacity.

“Chris Jericho is being advertised for a WWE SuperShow at Boston’s TD Garden. The show will be headlined by John Cena vs. Rusev in a steel cage match and Roman Reigns vs. Sth Rollins for the WWE Championship. Jericho will team with Dolph Ziggler to take on Sheamus and Bad News Barrett.”

“He is also listed to be on the July 11th show in Pittsburgh that is being headlined by a John Cena vs. Rusev street fight.”

If the WWE were to get Chris Jericho back on WWE television, there are a number of stars that he could put over. For example, any WWE NXT superstar that comes up to the WWE main roster is an obvious choice. Sami Zayn, Neville, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Hideo Itami, and Tyler Breeze are immediate examples of guys.

Jericho’s dates are also eerily close to the time Tough Enough makes its return. It’s already been reported that Stone Cold Steve Austin will not host the reality program. Rumors are swirling about Chris Jericho being the new host of the WWE program. As a future-WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, Jericho is the obvious-second best choice for the part.

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