Andi Dorfman Sharleen Joynt 'The Bachelor'

‘Bachelor’ Star Sharleen Joynt Gives Dating Advice, Pals Around With Andi Dorfman

Sharleen Joynt did not find love with Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor, but the opera singer-turned-columnist has had some relationship success. People reported back in February she is engaged to fiance Andy Levine, long after she withdrew from Juan Pablo’s season.

Now, she’s parlaying her Bachelor experience, and talent with the written word, into a new advice column for Flare. It follows a successful series of recaps she wrote during Chris Soules’ Bachelor season. The multi-talented Joynt also maintains a fashion blog of her own, “All The Pretty Pandas.”

Sharleen answered the queries of two lovelorn people in her first column. One dealt with a difference in class between her and her partner, and the other was always “friends” with men, and never the girlfriend. Joynt gave the latter some general advice about relationships.

“As old school as this sounds, there is no ‘winning over’ men (not romantically, anyway). If you’re interested in a guy, your time, emotional support and perseverance are not the traits that will make him realize what a catch you are. Rather, think chemistry, intrigue, easy compatibility and the fun you have together.”

A new column may not be all that’s in store for Sharleen. There is talk her former Bachelor co-star Andi Dorfman, who also walked out on Juan Pablo Galavis, may get her own web series. After Dorfman found “love” with Josh Murray on The Bachelorette, the two split shortly after the start of the most recent Bachelor season. That season starred one of her own rejected men, Chris Soules.

Dorfman, who was an assistant district attorney, has since relocated to New York City. She posted a picture to Instagram of herself and Joynt sharing a glass of wine, prompting rumors that Joynt may have some role in Dorfman’s web series.

Meanwhile, Sharleen Joynt has been posting pictures of herself and Dorfman hanging out in New York City. That’s nothing new — the women were tweeting near the end of Juan Pablo’s season, including some pics together, after they had both left the competition.

On April 24, Joynt, Dorfman and another friend were apparently anxious to see the Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner, as they enjoyed a spread of food and wine to get ready.

Andi Dorfman Sharleen Joynt of 'The Bachelor'
If the women are up for more viewing parties, they may want to check out the new season of The Bachelorette, which gets underway May 18.

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