Prince George shy at first meeting with royal baby

Royal Baby, Princess Charlotte, And Big Bro George Meet — Prince Reportedly Excited By Little Sis

Get used to these names: Prince George and Princess Charlotte. You will continue to hear those names for years to come, as the royal bro and sis grow up in the public eye.

Their first meeting has already been reported, filmed, and cataloged in royal history, and sources say that the first royal baby is enamored with his new sister.

Us Weekly reported that Prince George started off a little shy when he met baby Charlotte. Prince William picked up his 21-month-old son from his mother-in-law’s and brought him to the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital on Saturday, photographers close by to capture every movement, Perez Hilton reported.

Royal father and son waved to the cameras in matching outfits, and it was all very cute. The meeting inside, which, of course, was private, apparently went well, one insider told Us Weekly.

“George was aware that he would soon have a new brother or sister and has been excited throughout the pregnancy. He might have been a little shy around the new baby, but I heard everything went well. He’s great around other children. He’s a very curious boy.”

Of course, the young family have now departed the hospital for Kensington Palace, where it seems they haven’t gotten a minute’s rest. Kate Middleton’s parents, Carole and Michael, and her sister, Pippa, as well as Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and Emilia Jardine Paterson have already reportedly visited to see the new baby.

“The Palace was inundated by flowers and gifts from around the world, many from members of the public and others from important figures and officials they have met over the years,” a source told Us Weekly.

Grandfather Prince Charles is reportedly just as excited as any would be; he claims to have known all along that the second royal child would be a girl and is “over the moon about having a granddaughter. He’s a very proud man at the moment.”

Of course, there are bound to be comparisons between this second royal child and the first. Already, William and Kate are approaching parenthood differently this time around, a source said.

“They are a lot more calm this time. I remember when George was brought back after he was born and they were so nervous. But the second time they feel relaxed and are able to take in and enjoy these first moments at home with the baby.”

According to Hello, they seem a lot less keen to bask in the feverish hoopla surrounding royal births — their photo-op outside the Lindo Wing was brief and they announced Charlotte’s birth informally on Twitter.

[Photos Courtesy WPA Pool/Ian Gavan, Getty Images]