West Virginia Middle School Serves Frozen Burritos Covered In Melted Plastic

A West Viriginia middle school served its students burnt frozen burritos covered in melted plastic, WDTV (Weston, West Virginia) is reporting.

Students and parents of students at Philippi Middle School in Philippi, West Virginia shared photos of their disgusting lunches on social media and with local news media.

Grandparent Sherie Bolton shares her experience.

“They were eating plastic and the chemicals that melted with the plastic, that’s not good. I think this was something they weren’t used to making so they just burned them and rather then choosing to throw them away and remaking something else, because of what was on the menu that day, they served them.”

If you think you’ve heard a lot about disgusting food being served in school lunches lately, that’s because you have. This is the second time in five days that news of a school serving its students disgusting food has made the national news. Last week in Tennessee, according to an Inquisitr report, schoolkids in several Hawkins County Schools were served six-year-old pork that cooks were told to cover up with gravy to mask the taste.

Six-year-old pork served in some Tennessee schools.
Six-year-old pork served in some Tennessee schools.

In fact, students and parents sharing pictures of disgusting, meager, or otherwise unappetizing lunches has become something of a trend on social media, often with references to First Lady Michelle Obama’s “healthy” school lunch guidelines.

This was served to high-schoolers in Oklahoma.
This was served to high-schoolers in Oklahoma.W

So onerous are the “healthy” school lunch rules, and so fanatical are some schools about enforcing them that parents who have sent their kids to school with their own lunches, or with snacks to supplement their meager lunches, have found their kids’ lunches sent home, sometimes with nasty notes from school administrators. Last week in Colorado, a preschool aged kid was sent home with a “shaming” note after he mother sent her to school with some Oreos.

Whether or not the burnt frozen burritos and melted plastic passed off as “lunch” in West Virginia has anything to do with Michelle Obama’s school lunch mandates is not clear. It could very well be that cafeteria employees that day didn’t know what they were doing; a belief echoed by Barbour County Schools Superintendent Joe Super via EAG News.

“I am aware of the situation that happened in Philippi Middle School regarding lunch and on behalf of the Board of Education and myself I extend an apology to the students and families that were involved with that and we are doing training to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

The school principal has also apologized to some of the kids who were served the burnt frozen burritos covered in melted plastic.

[Images courtesy of: Dreadlines,WBAY, KOKH]