Bob Ellison: Irritated American Sounds Off On Baltimore, Jaw-Dropping Rant Goes Viral [Video]

Warning: Footage contains explicit language that may be offensive to some viewers.

Bob Ellison has a very big problem with the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Of course, by now, everyone is well aware of the chaos that has taken over the city in wake of Freddie Gray’s death while in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department.

First, the peaceful protests devolved into a series of violent rioters. Now, the governmental and political aspects of the case have sparked controversy. On Friday, May 1, Baltimore’s State’s Attorney announced charges would be brought against the six Baltimore police officers involved. Although citizens were ecstatic, law enforcement officials, law professors, and other political figures weren’t too pleased with the new developments.

Apparently, Ellison isn’t a happy camper about the impending charges either. However, that’s not all he’s upset about. The problems in Baltimore are currently the center of controversy, but the conflicting issues are nationwide. So, Ellison decided to voice his frustrations with a YouTube video, and now his “politically incorrect” rant has gone viral.

According to Mad World News, Ellison’s video address was uploaded on Apr. 28. His “colorful” message for the people of Baltimore sheds light on a number of debatable topics. From race relations and history, to social reform, political corruption, and deceptive reporting by the media, Ellison touches on a vast array of topics.

During the three-minute rant, Ellison slammed rioters destroying the city, accusing them of “entitlement issues.” He addressed welfare recipients, comparing them to those who were enslaved hundreds of years ago. He even challenged those who are impoverished to stop depending on the government and take ownership and responsibility for the problems they face in their lives. Ellison also shared brief details about his own life, admitting he’s made mistakes. However, he adamantly stated that he blames no one for his downfalls.

“Someone had to say it… So I did!… If it p—es you off then I am probably talking about you!”

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[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]