Charleston, Illinois Woman Drags And Forces Child To Run Alongside While She Rides Her Bike

WARNING: This video contains graphic language, and contains content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

Illinois child welfare officials are investigating after a video posted online appears to show a woman riding a bicycle while forcing a small child to run beside her, at times appearing to drag the child, WTTG (Washington) is reporting.

Facebook user Phillip Freezeland recorded the video and posted it on his account, saying that he’d witnessed the woman ride her bike for about seven blocks all the while making the small child keep up with her. And when he couldn’t keep up, the woman dragged him.

“There was a ‘Female riding a bike down Lincoln In Charlston [sic] IL and she was making this little boy run along side of her if he would slow down she would yell and scream at him to speed up. I watch this go on for over 7 blocks…. I decided to record it with my phone, as you will see when she noticed I was recording her… she approached me and of course she pulled the racist card, used her elegant speech abilities. Then she went on down the road running the boy 4 more blocks before going to a business. She was right about one thing it is not MY business what she does with her child… but who’s would it be and would anyone do anything about it. That little boy ran as fast as she could make him for 11 blocks that I saw…. I have no idea where they came from or how far he ran after they left the business.”

The woman who was caught on video dragging her child as she rode her bike has been identified on social media as Daniya-Dorris Jones. On her Facebook page, she admits to making the child run beside her; she also admits that her parenting style is no one else’s business.

“I’m a single mother and I’m doing the best that I can, with my mind your own business only god can judge and for all you simple minded people just lay off because you have a lot more things to concern yourself then geting all up in my business. and for all you guys who do know me don’t bring this up to me anymore because if you come to me with this garbage I will go off on you just as well as I went off on that man and that person don’t know what happened today and so unless you want to find out don’t get all of my business they don’t get all up in my face today if you’re going to come at me, you will fine yourself getting yelled at the same way stay out my business.”

She also claims that the man who recorded her did it for his own gratification and not because he’s concerned about the safety of her child.

“I feel sorry for anybody who is feeding off into any of this bull crap about me being a bad mom quote unquote I did not drag my child I do not abused my child but alright if you are choosing to feed off into this guys attention seeking behavior that’s your issue do not bring it to me and you’re definitely in denial if you think that man is not racist harassing someone is not a joke its not funny and when I did catch up with the idio the got told off if you don’t like it deal with it.”

As of this post, no criminal charges have been filed against the Charleston woman who was caught on video dragging her child alongside while she rode her bicycle.

[Image courtesy of: YouTube]