Baby Rescued After Mother Throws Baby, Herself Into Pennsylvania LeHigh River

A baby has been rescued after his mother threw him, and herself, into the LeHigh River.

According to the Allentown Police Department, a 19-year-old woman stopped along the Hamilton Street Bridge on Sunday, May 2, at approximately 1:45 p.m. and proceeded to throw the 1-year-old boy off the bridge into the Pennsylvania river. The woman then climbed over the rail and jumped.

Witnesses say the young mother was pushing the baby in a stroller on the bridge when she stopped mid-span and did the unthinkable.

“They saw her lift the baby out of the stroller and just, right over.” Allentown police captain William Reinik told CBS Philly. “She then climbed over the railing and jumped in herself.”

Both the baby and his mother fell 52 feet before finally landing in the water. The woman, who has not been identified, made it to the bank where she then collapsed.

Authorities responded to the scene minutes later where they found the woman conscious and the baby floating nearly 700 yards downstream. Officers Joseph Iannetta and John Leonard were able to rescue the baby, pulling him from the water and performing CPR, according to NBC Philadelphia.

After the boy was revived, he and his mother were rushed to the Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest in Salisbury Township where they are listed as being in critical condition. Both are expected to survive.

Reinik praised the brave officers for their valiant efforts. He said if it wasn’t for them, the baby probably wouldn’t be alive.

“The officers basically saved this baby’s life,” Reinik said. “I commend these two officers for actually going into the river and pulling him out and doing CPR. That’s what saved this baby’s life.”

“These two were spectacular,” Reinik continued. “Without their help, that baby would be in Easton by now.”

Currently, no charges have been filed. However, police are still conducting an investigation as an attempted murder-suicide.

[Photo via Shutterstock]