Muhammad Art Show

One Officer, Two Suspects Shot At Pamela Geller’s Muhammad Art Exhibit [Breaking]

There are breaking reports coming out of Garland, Texas, of an officer and two other suspects shot at Pamela Geller’s inaugural $10,000 Muhammad Art Exhibit. The event is being held at the Curtis Culwell Center. The first article available online about the situation is from Twitchy. Apparently, local news groups have yet to officially report on the matter but through the aforementioned source, a collective of tweets verifies the situation.

CBS 11 were on location with a crew in which they were able to provide basic details on the breaking event. The two suspects were shot dead while the police officer was shot in the leg. Fortunately, the officer’s injury is not fatal and is expected to make a full recovery as he’s been sent to the hospital.

As of now, Gabriel Roxas, a news reporter for CBS 11, is providing up-to-date reports through his official Twitter account. Roxas did mention there were talks of “explosions in backpacks” and “a grenade at a nearby Wal-Mart.”

The news of the shooting at Pamela Geller’s inaugural $10,000 Muhammad Art Exhibit is happening right now. The Inquisitr will update with the latest updates as soon as they become available.

[Image via Pamela Geller]