Ruben May Abandoned Dog Looking For Home

Ruben May, Abandoned Dog, Is Dropped At Stranger’s Door With Mysterious Note

Abandoned dog Ruben May sits in an animal shelter tonight, alone, afraid, and without anyone to love her, after a mysterious man abandoned her on Quincy Bui’s front yard, according to a news report from KHOU11.

The man did not know that he was being filmed by a surveillance camera on Bui’s front door when he approached, knelt down and left a note, after having ducked out of frame to leave the animal in Bui’s back yard.

According to Bui, when he returned home, he first found the note and then went to his back yard to see the dog lonely and confused and “in really bad shape.”

It was when Bui checked the security footage that things began to not add up with the note. First, what the stranger had written below.

“My dog is in your backyard. I cannot afford her. My husband beats her and I can’t let her live with us. I love her too much. Her name is Ruben May. Thank you.”

The security footage, on the other hand, showed that the apparent writer of the note was a man, though as one Facebook commenter pointed out “it could be a gay couple.” Now Quincy Bui is looking to find the perpetrator, noting that he “can’t imagine someone doing something like this.”

Bui was unable to take care of the dog, so he took Ruben May (pictured above) to the animal shelter for further evaluation.

Many on Facebook can understand the plight of the person who dropped off the abandoned dog, with some thinking that it was a case of caring for the animal.

“I think the person was doing this out of kindness,” one commenter said. “I feel for the life she has to put up with.”

Others noted that the person dropping off the dog and the note might have been a friend doing a favor for the woman.

“It could have been the dogs owner trying to make it seem like a woman (brought note after returning to the truck). Also could have been the man was another link in the chain. She gave the puppy away to someone who abandoned it. Another possibility is that a vet said she was sick and they could not be asked to pay vet bills. If she survives I hope she goes to a good home.”

Still, these scenarios do bring up the question: why not just take the abandoned dog to an animal shelter to begin with instead of rolling the dice on a total stranger? Why do you think people choose to abandon their pets? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via KHOU11, linked above]