Jewel Thief Force-Fed 60 Bananas By Police After He Swallowed A Stolen Gold Necklace

A jewel thief got more than he bargained for when he stole a gold chain from a 52-year-old woman in Mumbai, India. The thief, Anil Jadhav, quickly swallowed the golden chain in order to claim innocence as police approached. However, instead of letting him go, police took him to the hospital for x-rays. What the doctors found was a gold chain with a large pendent lodged in the man’s bowels. Therefore, they used an unusual method of removal that included force-feeding the thief 60 bananas and giving him four enemas.

The Mumbai Mid-Day reports that Anil Jadhav stole a gold chain worth approximately $1,000 from a 52-year-old housewife. He then quickly swallowed the chain so that he would not have it in his possession if the police came. However, the police believed the woman’s story and took Anil in to the hospital for an x-ray. Doctors found that the chain and pendent where inside the suspect’s stomach, but were somewhat stuck. Therefore, they decided to increase bowel movement by force-feeding the man 60 bananas.

The bananas were purchased by the police and brought to the hospital where they were fed to the thief. The thief’s family was also called to the hospital, where they helped police fill the man’s stomach with the dozens of bananas. As he consumed the bananas, the chain moved further down into his small intestines. However, the chain had a rather large pendant on the end, so it was having difficulty passing through the last portions of the bowels. Therefore, doctors gave the unfortunate thief four separate enemas to remove any blockage.

The Daily Mail notes that after the bananas, a special liquid diet, and four enemas, the gold chain was finally excreted by the man. The woman received the necklace back on Thursday, but says she will never wear the chain again after it passed through the thief’s bowels. Therefore, she has decided to have the necklace melted down and made into something else.

Fortunately for the thief, things could have gotten a lot worse. Police had determined if the chain did not come out on its own after the excessive banana diet, the man was to undergo a major bowel surgery to remove the golden chain and pendant from his body.

What do you think of the banana-enema method of removing a stolen object from a thief’s stomach? Do you think this thief will ever make the mistake of swallowing a stolen good again?

[Image Credit: Sandra Mu / Getty Images]