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‘Secrets And Lies’ Spoilers, Renewal News: What Can Fans Expect As Season 1 Wraps?

The Season 1 finale of Secrets and Lies airs Sunday night on ABC and fans cannot wait to watch it. At long last, Tom’s killer will be revealed. Fans know at this point that it’s not going to be Ben, and that the killer is a female, but which one did it? What Secrets and Lies spoilers are available for the May 3 finale? Will the show be back for Season 2?

Sunday’s finale is titled “The Lie.” Ben Crawford tries to catch his breath with his family now that he’s feeling more secure about not being tied to Tom’s death. However, soon there’s a shocking discovery made and things are shaken up once again.

TV Guide shares a big Secrets and Lies spoiler sneak peek. Ben goes racing across the street to Jess’ house and breaks in screaming that he wants her to let Abby go. The police are in there within seconds and Crawford screams that Abby has his daughter.

Other teasers for the Season 1 finale show Cornell indicating that Tom’s murder was premeditated. Given all that has been revealed now about Jess, many suspect that she is behind her son’s death. However, she’s hardly the only suspect. Others suspect Ben’s wife, Christy, or either of his two daughters, Natalie or Abby. Others wonder if it would be someone else in the neighborhood who until now has flown under the radar.

The other big question of the day surrounds the return of the show for another season. Has Secrets and Lies been renewed or canceled? Fans may get answers regarding Tom’s killer in Sunday’s finale, but they will seemingly be left hanging regarding the future of the show itself.

As TVLine notes, ABC has not yet revealed the fate of the show, though the site calls a renewal “a safe bet.” TV By the Numbers seems similarly optimistic about the show’s chances of a renewal. The network has just dished out the fate of Revenge, canceling it after four seasons, but the future of Secrets and Lies still hangs in the balance.

Of course, what fans don’t know is what happens with the cast in the case of a Season 2 order. Will Juliette Lewis return to work on a new case, but everybody else is replaced? If that is the case, given the strong current cast, will fans be intrigued enough to return simply for Lewis and a new cast? It’s also possible that the Crawford family will remain on the canvas, as will Cornell, but another case is woven into the fabric of the community.

There have been many twists and turns in this debut season of the show. Will Tom’s killer turn out to be the answer that seems to be the obvious one at this point, his mom Jess? Or is there another big twist on the way? Tune in to the Season 1 finale of Secrets and Lies airing on ABC on Sunday, May 3, and then stay tuned for news regarding the show’s renewal or cancellation.

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