Madeleine McCann ‘Trolls’ Fight Back By Donating To Detective’s GoFundMe

Will Madeleine McCann ever be found? The public focus isn’t currently on the search for her, because most people are focused on the libel suit involving the missing child’s parents and a Portuguese detective who wrote a book about the case. The Sunday Express reports that Goncalo Amaral has gotten a little help from his friends regarding the payment of the settlement the missing child’s parents won from him. Of course, the U.K. media is calling anybody who supports the embattled detective “trolls.” Meanwhile, the folks being called “trolls” say they just want justice for the child that’s been missing for eight years.

Goncalo Amaral currently has a GoFundMe page, where he is accepting donations to help pay legal fees, and possibly fees associated with the steep settlement that he has been ordered to pay Kate and Gerry McCann. Media reports vary in what the money will go for, while supporters of the man insist it is just for his legal fees. Whatever the money is for, a lot is being donated. At the time of this report, the amount raised for him has reached more than £6,000, and the donation campaign is only a few days old. The page hopes to raise at least £25k for the fallen detective, and the numerous people who are donating want to voice their support for him. Some of the donors have hit back at the media for labeling them as “trolls.” A donor named “Not A Troll” had a lot to say.

“Thank you MSM for opening my eyes over the last 8 years to how you operate. It’s been an education. Seems that the only way we will ever get to the truth of the never ending lies and distortion you print is through the hard work and tenacity of people like Dr Amaral who will never give up on getting justice for Madeleine McCann.”

Another donor who gave to the fund also hit back at the U.K. media, shaming them for labeling anyone who wants answers for Madeleine McCann as “trolls.” That same donor was so upset at how they’re being portrayed, they donated a second time to Amaral’s fund.

“Im donating again, after reading in The Sun tonight that Im a “Troll” apparently. Im incensed that anyone who does not believe the McCann’s lies are being labelled like this. Right at the beginning of this very fishy case, politicians and MSM called me a liar and a fantasist and dragged my name through the mud because I spoke out, all to cover and protect the McCann’s…and now The Sun calls me a troll?? So be it is my troll-money. Thankyou, The Sun, you have made more people aware of this massive cover-up and, more importantly, this fund for a brave, courageous man to end it. [all sic]”

While Amaral’s supporters speak out against U.K. media reports, investigators are continuing the search for clues behind what may have happened to Madeleine McCann. Sky News reports that British detectives are investigating more reported burglaries and break-ins in hope of somehow finding a connection to Maddie’s case.

[Photo: The Star via McCann family]