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‘Madam Secretary’ Spoilers, Renewal News: What Can Fans Expect As Season 1 Wraps?

The Season 1 finale of Madam Secretary airs Sunday night on CBS, and fans are excited to see how it all ends. Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord will face the challenge of interrogating long-time friend Juliet, and it’s going to be a difficult situation. What Madam Secretary spoilers are available for the May 3 finale? Will the show be back for Season 2?

As TV Guide notes, Sunday’s finale is titled “There But For the Grace of God.” As viewers wait for the big interrogation, Elizabeth will be seen flashing back to when she declined a job from Dalton that would have altered the direction she took in her career. Of course, there will be plenty of time spent on the confrontation between Juliet and Bess in this finale.

In addition, Madam Secretary spoilers indicate that Stevie and Harrison change the course of their relationship, but it doesn’t come without issues. While Stevie and the president’s son have been friends for years despite his recent issues, it would appear that the friends transition into something a bit different. Naturally, this will be complicated and will surely send the staff scrambling.

Tea Leoni told Entertainment Weekly that during Sunday’s finale, viewers see a lot about Henry and Elizabeth’s early relationship in addition to challenges she faced in her career. Fans love the dynamic between Leoni and Tim Daly, and it’ll be interesting to go back to see Bess and Henry earlier on in their relationship.

Of course, there is a lot to learn from Juliet as she answers for her plans regarding the coup in Iran. However, the Madam Secretary spoiler preview from CBS shows that she points a finger at Bess as well in some sense. From the looks of things, McCord finds herself in a complicated position where even the president may not be standing beside her.

No matter how the Season 1 finale ends, fans can rest assured there is more on the way. As TVLine has reported, Madam Secretary was renewed for Season 2. Though many shows have had to wait late into the spring for renewal or cancellation news, or are still waiting, CBS showed their confidence in this show early on.

Madam Secretary’s renewal came in January, and the show got a full-season order. The show started out with great ratings right out of the gate and has remained a strong performer for CBS. It really comes as no surprise it will return, and fans will be curious to see what storylines the writers have planned.

Tune in to the Season 1 finale of Madam Secretary airing on CBS on Sunday, May 3, to see how it ends, and stay tuned for Season 2 spoilers as filming resumes.

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