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‘Seven Year Switch’ TV Show Will Swap Married Couples And Have Them Sleep Together [Video]

A new show called Seven Year Switch is causing lots of online buzz before it has even aired its first episode on the A+E Networks’ FYI Channel. As reported by Variety, The Seven Year Switch will feature married couples that must spend two weeks apart and live with a stranger to test the strength or weakness of their marriages. The premise is similar to Wife Swap, a reality TV show that featured a wife that swapped places with another woman who tended to be her polar opposite, but the rage over this latest vehicle is due to the fact that the women who swap places are looking for better mates.

According to the Seven Year Switch IMDb page on the Internet Movie Database, the show will feature women who have their eyes on men they believe would have made better spouses than their current ones.

“A woman with the seven year itch gets a chance to try being married to all the men she thought would have been better husbands.”

The spouse swapping series called The Seven Year Switch will show new couples eating, sleeping, and living together, reports Deadline— however, the show creators don’t specify whether sleeping together means sex or not. As reported by the Inquisitr, WE tv debuted a controversial show called Sex Box, which featured couples having sex in front of a live TV audience, but hidden within a box, to help their relationship woes. That show, however, was cancelled due to low ratings.

The Seven Year Switch couples will decide if they want to remain married and renew their vows in what will likely be a televised wedding — or move forward to divorce, which could potentially entail footage of visits to divorce lawyers. The show is produced by those who brought audiences Married at First Sight.A press release from A + E Networks calls it an experimental marriage show, one that will be shown to audiences in eight one-hour episodes.Gena McCarthy, Senior Vice President of Programming and Development for FYI, made her case for the controversial new show, which is set to debut this summer.

“FYI is continuing to pioneer social experiments with this innovative new series that follows the journey of couples who have hit a breaking point in their marriage. This experiment will allow them to determine whether absence really does make the heart grow fonder.”

The Seven Year Switch will feature four couples who need a change in their marriages. There will also be two experts on relationships to guide the couples along during the process. Although they will spend two weeks apart, the show is being called a month-long experiment.

[Getty Images: A+E Networks’ president-CEO Nancy Dubuc]