HBPD Celebrated

Police Celebrated! At least In ‘Surf City’ Huntington Beach, California

Police and their police-work are actually being celebrated in Huntington Beach, California, an event seemingly bizarre and confusing at a time when city police departments, sheriffs, and other law enforcement entities are the subjects of primarily negative reports.

But seemingly like a satirical story from The Onion, the police department of Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City, literally had a citizen come into the station to thank them on the one year anniversary of a robbery at gun point in which Huntington Beach police acted quickly to locate and arrest some really vile and dangerous allegedly gang-banging dudes.

And judging by the hundreds of positive comments left by Huntington Beach citizens and others on the Huntington Beach Police Department’s Facebook page, their work on this robbery case, and other recent arrests, suggests they’re doing a lot of things right.

Which brings us to Ms. Tosha Scott, the victim of the potentially deadly robbery one year ago who arrived at the Huntington Beach Police Department on Friday with “treats” to say thanks and celebrate the one year anniversary of the arrests of those that robbed her.

Huntington Beach Police celebrated
Robbery victim, Tosha Scott, thanked Huntington Beach Police on Friday for their quick work in arresting the suspects that robbed her, one year ago.

The robbery of Ms. Scott unfolded last year on the normally safe, family-friendly, and tranquil sands of Huntington Beach in Southern California. A vibrant center of surf culture, Huntington Beach attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year with its beautiful beaches, surf and surfing events, hotels, pier, nightlife, and even a world-class Super Bowl Sunday marathon.

It was about 11:40 at night as Ms. Scott was walking the beach with a friend when out popped a gangbanger with a gun accompanied by two cronies. The unsavory characters shook down Scott and her friend for what they could on the beach, then forced the victims back to their car where the robbery continued.

The robbers then split into the night. Scott and her friend drove off as fast as they could too, quickly finding some Huntington Beach police officers who headed off to find the thugs.

Meanwhile, other Huntington Beach Police were simultaneously being tipped off by another witness who was unaware of the mugging of Ms. Scott, but reported a sketchy dude with a gun near a jeep in the same beach area.

The two Huntington Beach police contingents converged and arrested the three robbers who are reportedly still in custody awaiting trial.

Another recent arrest for a violent and hideous hit-and-run of a senior citizen (video below) has also garnered wide praise for the Huntington Beach Police Department.

Taylor Kirby of Long Beach, California was taken into custody following a Huntington Beach police investigation of the hit-and-run, which led to the impounding of Kirby’s suspect hot rod.

So, in a world where law enforcement news tends to be entirely bad, some Huntington Beach police work has generated the opposite, the Huntington Beach police department concluding their message about Ms. Scott’s visit by saying, “These are the types of moments that make police work the best job in the world.”

[Image via HBPD Facebook. Video via Youtube]