101-Year-Old Man Pulled Alive From The Rubble Of The Nepal Earthquake After Seven Days

A 101-year-old man was rescued alive from the rubble of a collapsed home, having been trapped there for seven days since the devastating Nepal earthquake, The Guardian is reporting.

Funchu Tamang, 101, was pulled from the rubble of his collapsed house Saturday where he’d been trapped for the past week, with only minor injuries, according to police spokesperson Arun Kumar Singh.

“He was brought to the district hospital in a helicopter. His condition is stable. He has injuries on his left ankle and hand. His family is with him.”

It’s unclear, as of this post, how the 101-year-old man managed to stay alive while trapped in rubble for seven days.

Elsewhere in Nepal, according to News Corp Australia, two men and a woman were also rescued alive after having been trapped for seven days in the rubble of a collapsed home. Sindhupalchowk police officer Ram Bahadur Nepali provided their names.

“Kanchan Khatri, Gyan Kumari Khatri and Dhan Kumari Khatri were rescued by security forces (on Sunday) at Kerabari village in the Syauli area.”

Meanwhile, the situation in Nepal has gone from bad to worse. Rescuers are now focusing less on rescuing people from collapsed buildings and more on providing aid to the hundreds of thousands of people sick, injured, and displaced due to the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

Interior Ministry spokesman Laxmi Dhakal says that there aren’t enough tents to shelter the now-homeless.

“We have run out of tents. The government does not have any more tents to give to people. We are hoping we will receive 100,000 tents tomorrow.”

The Nepali government estimates that 400,000 tents are needed.

As much-needed aid is being sent to the impoverished Asian nation, much of it is being held up be Nepali customs officials, according to U.N. Humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos, for reasons that aren’t clear as of this post.

“I was extremely concerned to hear reports that customs was taking such a long time. [The Nepali Prime Minister] has undertaken to ensure that [Customs will speed up clearing the incoming aid], so I hope that from now we will see an improvement in those administrative issues.”

As of this post, the confirmed death toll from the Nepal earthquake is 7,040, with some 14,000 people injured.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images/Omar Havana]