Bully Gets Dropped: Bully Asking For Fight Gets Exactly What He Deserves, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

**Warning: Video contains explicit language and content that may be offensive to some viewers.**

Bullies have been known to victimize individuals they’re almost sure will never retaliate. Believe it or not, in some cases, the bully may actually be more afraid than the victim, but the shocking revelation isn’t discovered until they’ve pushed an innocent person too far. One bully recently suffered the consequences for pushing a victim way too far. Based on the footage, the bully got exactly what he deserved. Now, the victim’s knockout punch has gone viral.

The two-minute clip begins with the two guys, presumably teenagers, in mid-confrontation. The bully can be seen following the victim through what appears to be a library or classroom, teasing and pressuring him to fight. The victim can be heard saying, “You’re trying to start something. This isn’t what you want to do.”

It’s quite obvious the victimized teen has no interest in fighting – until he’s absolutely fed up with the mistreatment. At that point, he flips out completely, and attacks the bully. One vicious blow quickly becomes an assault. The bully is knocked to the ground where the victim jumps on top of him and continues the attack. “I told you,” the victim said of his forewarning to the bully. Unfortunately, since he didn’t heed the warning, he suffered the consequences.

The shocking attack definitely shows the victim had a lot of pent-up aggression towards the bully. It also shows how quickly a person can explode when pushed. The video, which was uploaded to FlyHeight on Saturday, May 2 has received more than 60,000 views. Most of the viewers have agreed that bullies should definitely be careful when tormenting innocent people. Some aren’t as defenseless as they may seem.

[Image via FlyHeight Screen Capture]