Britain’s Most Tattooed Couple Have Ink On Roughly 95 Percent Of Their Body

When it comes to the world of ink, some people get pretty serious and find themselves addicted to getting the proverbial “just one more tattoo” often when drunk or in a moment of weakness.

Then there are career tattoo lovers, like Jacqui and Curly Moore from Oxford, who are Britain’s most tattooed couple, a title that didn’t come easily.

Curly admitted to reporters in a roundabout way that he and his wife are attention seekers, “If we’re on a beach in swimwear, people stare at us from miles around because we’re blue-looking people!'”

He added,”I don’t like the phrase ‘addicted to tattoos‘ as it implies a lack of control, when it’s not like that at all. We just really like them. And if you’re going to do something, I say do it properly.”

Back in 2003 when Jacqui met Curly, she was recently divorced and wanted to put that chapter of her life behind her.

When she met Curly, who she asked to ink a dragonfly on her back at Lionel’s Tattoo Studio in Oxford where he worked, she wasn’t that into men with tattoos.

As Jacqui explained, “I went to get a new tattoo to symbolise my freedom and the new chapter in my life. I’d never been attracted to men with tattoos before, but we got chatting, and were both single, so we went for a drink and hit it off.”

Jacqui added, “It sounds cheesy, but we get on so well and are very similar. It only took one night for me to realise I was attracted to him. It just felt like we had known each other for years. We’ve been together ever since.”

What’s more is that for her part, Jacqui has around 95 percent of her skin covered with tattoos, including her more intimate parts.

As she explained, “I never planned on getting my whole body tattooed, it’s something that’s grown from being with Curly. I now have 95 per cent of my body tattooed – my breasts, my bottom and ‘other bits.’ All tattoos are painful, but the ribs, shins and ankles are the worst.”

In terms of money, Jacqui estimates that over the years, she has spent a monotonous 1,300 hours under the needle, undergoing work that would have cost her more than $20,000.

Jacqui concluded, “I don’t think I’ll regret them when I’m older. I’ll be the one with the blue rinse and the blue skin!”

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