Man Locked Girlfriend In Box

Man Locked Girlfriend In Box: Manhunt On For Suspect Who Locked Woman In Box For Months

A man locked his girlfriend in a box for four months, and police are now looking for him after the woman was able to escape and call 911.

According to the Huffington Post, James Horn of Sedalia, Missouri allegedly held his girlfriend captive in the home that they shared. The 47-year-old kept the woman inside a box, which police have found after obtaining a search warrant. They say that the box appeared to have been “constructed for the purpose of concealing a person.”

Police also said that there were other items inside the box when they found it, but they didn’t disclose what those items were.

“When officers contacted the victim, she told them the suspect routinely locked her in a wooden box inside the residence where they lived,” said a spokesperson for the Sedalia Police Department.

The man who locked his girlfriend in a box is a registered sex offender. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it sounds like the woman was only locked up when Horn left the home for work. It is unknown why Horn held his girlfriend captive, but it is presumed that he feared that she would leave him.

Details about how the woman was able to escape were not available at the time of this report. Based on what the public knows, the woman waited until Horn had left, got herself free and then ran to a neighbors house to call 911.

And this isn’t the first time that Horn has been accused of doing inappropriate things to a woman.

In 1992, Horn was accused of kidnapping and raping his girlfriend at the time. When she tried to break-up with him, he allegedly “tied her hands and mouth with duct tape,” and forced himself upon her. It is unclear if he was charged in that case, or if he served any time behind bars for his (alleged) actions.

According to Sport Act, Horn was very controlling of his girlfriend. He would tell her what to do, and only allowed her to interact with other people (like her family) on his terms.

The condition or health of the woman who escaped from Horn’s trap is unknown at this time. Her whereabouts are also unknown, but it is presumed that she is somewhere safe, and that she will have police protection until Horn is arrested.

James Horn is 5’11” tall and he weighs about 175 pounds. He is a white male with dark hair. Anyone with information about him or his whereabouts is asked to call the Sedalia Police Department at 660-826-8100.

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