Brooke Mueller Cops Plea Deal

Brooke Mueller Strikes Plea Deal Over Aspen Cocaine Possession Charges

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller struck a plea deal on Monday which will keep the drug loving pseudo celebrity out of prison.

Brooke was arrested in December and changed with felony possession for carrying cocaine under 3 grams. Mueller was also charged with felony possession and misdemeanor assault.

Under her agreement Mueller pled guilty to felony possession of cocaine under 4 grams while the other charges will be dismissed.

Mueller will be placed on 12-months probation.

If Brooke is a good girl under terms of her probation her deferred judgment will make her guilty plea go away and it will be as if she was never in trouble in the first place.

According to sources close to the plea bargain the district attorney’s office was pleased with her choice to enter an intensive rehab program after her most recent arrest.

According to Chief Deputy D.A. Arnold Mordkin:

“We are treating Ms. Mueller no differently than any other defendant.”

It turns out that being a Sheen and hiring Yale Galanter as your lawyer is a smart move. Galanter also managed to keep Charlie Sheen out of jail during his 2009 Aspen domestic violence case which also included Brooke Mueller.

During her tussle in the nightclub where she was arrested Brooke Mueller allegedly attacked Liana Little, hitting her in the back.

Do you think Brooke Mueller was able to use her relationship with the media and Charlie Sheen in a positive manner that allowed for her charges to be lessened?