Tesla Solar Batteries: 3 Reasons to Get Excited

Tesla’s new product line got customers talking about it, though the company’s new direction in business cannot be called unpredictable. It’s only natural to move to solar batteries after electric cars – it’s all about ecology and smart energy use. However, Tesla’s array of solar power storage systems is a huge step forward – for the company itself and for the society.

First of all, the power solar batteries will bring a lot of trouble to the electric companies –electricity bills will be reduced significantly (and for some customers – almost completely eliminated). According to what Karl Brauer, senior director of insights with automotive valuation company Kelley Blue Book, said to U.S. News that the electric companies had noticed the caliber of the problem before customers even managed to realize how financially tempting the idea of solar batteries actually is.

“Instead of paying hundreds of dollars every month, consumers could make a one-time payment of a few thousand dollars to power their home for years,” Brauer says. “The electric companies are well aware of this eventuality and have feverishly partnered with solar companies, including Musk’s own Solar City, in an attempt to have some influence over the emerging technology.”

The second reason why Tesla’s new product gets discussed so much is because the company offers two different options of their product: for home and for business, the Powerwall and the Powerpack. According to the Inquisitr, the latest might make a truly global change in energy consuming.

“A Tesla battery for businesses, the Tesla Powerpack, holds a greater capacity than the Tesla Powerwall and the potential for stacking is unlimited. Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims the Powerpack will be able to power entire communities.”

The third main cause for everyone’s excitement about Tesla’s solar batteries is the fact that this new product line may solve a lion’s share of ecological problems connected with energy consumption. According to PRI, the company has a full realization of how their products may influence the world.

In announcing the Powerwall and Power Pack systems, Tesla’s CEO said his company’s goal is to “fundamentally change the way the world uses energy on an extreme scale, away from fossil fuels and to cleaner renewables like wind and solar.”

What Tesla is working on might have a global impact on both energy industry and energy consumption culture, that is why their new achievements are monitored by the world society so closely.