Men Suffer From Drop In Sex Drive After Just One Year Of Marriage, Study Finds

When it comes to the ever-delicate matter of relationships, things are seldom simple. This often starts even before the wedding night, when the relationship becomes “consecrated.”

While it has been assumed for many years that a husband’s sex drive levels are affected only after a few years of marriage, new research has found that, in fact, men suffer a serious drop in testosterone levels after just one year of marriage.

The reason for the drop, according to the study carried out by scientists from the Worcester University, is that during the first year, a man is poised to fight off competition from rivals while keeping an eye out for a more suitable mate.

As disturbing as that may sound to new brides, in evolutionary terms, it makes perfect sense.

Dr. Daniel Farrelly, the head author of the study, said, “Although such landmarks are not part of our evolutionary history, it would perhaps be adaptive for a man’s internal perception and evaluation of their current relationship to be affected by external cues such as this either consciously or not.”

The study, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, also claims, “Results showed that levels of testosterone of single men and men in new relationships did not differ, but both had significantly greater levels of testosterone than men in long-term relationships.”

Apparently it’s not all bad news for new brides, as Dr. Farrelly added that the drop in testosterone levels could help relationships by making the husband more suited to caring for children.

Farrelly concluded, “Men in new relationships are still in a physiological state that aids competition with other men for access to potential mates. This may be due to the need to maintain and develop their new relationship or still being motivated to seek further mating opportunities… a status that may change should the permanence of the relationship become more established in the future.”

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