Sorority Gives Housekeeper $21,000

Sorority Gives Housekeeper $21,000 Check: USC Sorority Gifts Housekeeper $21K Check For Car [Video]

Who says housekeepers aren’t appreciated? A USC sorority gave their housekeeper the gift of a lifetime that shows how truly thoughtful this group of young women are.

The college students who were members of Gamma Phi Beta presented her with a check for $21,000 as a gift towards a car she’s been saving for.

ATVN reports that USC student Alicia Jewell wanted to do one more generous act before graduating in May. Jewell, the former Gamma Phi Beta president, wanted to do something big for the sorority’s beloved housekeeper, Fanny Randle.

Jewell said it was important to rally the sorority to gift their housekeeper with something that really expressed how much she meant to them. This included past sorority members of the USC house as well.

“Her car, currently, it just shouldn’t have to be like that. So I was just like, ‘You know what, she has so many alumni and so many girls that love her so let’s just get her a car!'”

The Gamma Phi alumni — and its current members –all got together and donated a huge chunk of funds on Randle’s GoFundMe page. They wanted to make a big difference in her life, help give her something that she needs, and to give back to someone who does so much for them while at USC.

Jewell presented Randle with a Gamma Phi key chain and a huge check for $21,000 toward the new car she was saving for.

Randle was beyond excited when she received the generous gift from the sorority.

“They mean everything to me. They are wonderful, wonderful girls. I could never say anything about my girls.”

The Daily Mail adds in its report that Randle wants to purchase a Honda Accord.

After Jewell and the Gamma Phi Beta members presented the check to Randle, they gathered in front of the sorority house where she’s worked almost 25 years. They all posed for a group photo to mark the celebration.

Randle did fist pumps, blew kisses to the sorority girls, and gave Jewell a hug. The rest of the girls gave Randle a hug after she was presented with flowers.

‘They mean everything to me,” Ms. Randle told ATVN. ‘They are wonderful, wonderful girls.”

The joy in Fannie Randle’s face is heartwarming in the video posted here. She’s grateful to the sorority for appreciating all that she’s done for them, and she was taken aback by them giving her a $21,000 check. She definitely felt the love from the girls she’s also grown to love.

[Image via YouTube screenshot]