Final Fantasy Witch Chapter 0 Cry Tech Demo

‘Final Fantasy’ Tech Demo Is Absolutely Stunning, Shows What PC Power Can Do [VIDEO]

For those who are looking at Final Fantasy XV as a leap in graphical prowess, you might want to check this out. While the Luminous Studio Engine, which will power future Final Fantasy titles has already been heralded as showing life-like vistas and gameplay, Square Enix showcased a tech demo showing how much farther Luminous Engine, and Final Fantasy can progress.

Showcased at Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference, Square Enix showcased a demo reminiscent of the 2012 Final Fantasy XV tech demo, dubbed “Agni’s Philosophy,” using Microsoft’s new DirectX 12 graphics API. The new Final Fantasy video is called “WITCH CHAPTER 0 [cry]” is completely rendered in real-time and not a “pre-recorded” sequence being played. However, it’s the tech involved that is completely mindblowing to most fans.

“Our team has always pursued cutting-edge pre-rendered and real-time CG,” commented Hajime Tabata, head of the next-generation technology research project and Division Executive of Business Division II of Square Enix Co., Ltd., via press release. “As a part of the technical development, we created this demo using world-class, real-time CG technology with generous support from leading-edge software and hardware providers – Microsoft’s Windows10/DirectX 12 and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX. The efforts from this project will power future game development as well as Final Fantasy XV, currently a work in progress.”

The video, which is also rendered in real-time, looks too good to be true. This type of detail is only available via the PC, and while the rig running the demo (PC with 4-way SLI NVIDIA Titan X’s) is out of reach for the average consumer, it shows what is currently possible today.

With textures at 8K by 8K, as well as hair that is individually rendered and not a surface map, this is the most realistic look at Final Fantasy that we’ve ever seen. While obviously Final Fantasy XV won’t look like that per say, it does give fans a glimpse into the future of what games could eventually look like as the tech to run it gets cheaper and cheaper.

Final Fantasy XV will likely be seen at Square Enix’s press event during before E3 2015, though it’s not expressly confirmed. The Final Fantasy developer will be holding its first pre-E3 media briefing in Nintendo’s normal time slot Tuesday morning, June 16 at 9 a.m. PST. The event will be viewable via for those unable to attend.

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[Image via Square Enix]