Chad L. Coleman Apologizes For NYC Subway Rant: Fans Take To Twitter To Show ‘Walking Dead’ Star Support

Chad Coleman, star of The Walking Dead and The Wire, is making headlines this weekend for a profanity-filled rant on an NYC subway train shared by TMZ on Friday. The actor lost his cool during the subway ride, and the four-minute long video shows his rant to the people on the subway with him that day.

What caused Chad Coleman to become upset? He revealed the reason for his outburst when he spoke with TMZ on Saturday. The man overheard a couple talking about him on the subway train because they thought they recognized him from somewhere. However, the male used a racial slur, and that set him off.

His reaction led to a four-minute long rant that include talk of humanity.

“Yes! I’m Chad L. Coleman! I’m on The Wire, I’m on The Walking Dead, I’m not trying to play no f—ing games with you. Where is your humanitarian?! Don’t tell me I’m making this up! That’s the goddamn truth. So if you need to record it, get your phone out!”

Many people on the subway train did film the tirade, and that is how TMZ was able to find the footage.

Coleman revealed that he was not drinking before the incident. During the past week, the actor had been dealing with a lot of “frustration” over the Baltimore riots and the death of Freddie Gray. That built-up frustration boiled over when Coleman overheard someone use a racial slur against him.

On Friday morning, the cops involved in that man’s arrest were charged in Baltimore. The Wire was filmed in Baltimore, and Coleman was on the series for three seasons.

The actor shared a message on his Twitter about humanity on Thursday.

People are reacting to the news of Coleman’s rant, and the actor is receiving a lot of support from fans on Twitter. They understand his frustration, and they do not hold his rant against him.

One woman also went to her Tumblr page and shared a detailed reaction about the media’s reporting of the incident involving Coleman. She is not happy with the wording of the headlines used by the media.

“Some horrible person used a racial slur against him and he got upset. I’m not going to talk about his reaction, because as a white woman, I have never, nor will I ever experience racism against me, so I have no business talking about what he said or shouldn’t have said.

The problem is that these headlines are perpetrating the angry black man stereotype. They are making it look like Chad just started ranting and raving on the subway for no reason. They are saying he might be intoxicated, on drugs, etc. Now he’s had to apologize for what happened. He’s been made to look like the bad person in this situation. You know who should be sorry? The people that called him that name, the people that stood by and just accepted hearing someone use that word in reference to him.”

Chad Coleman has many fans. At the end of the video from Friday, one man wearing a jacket labeled with security stopped the actor to praise his work on The Wire, according to Entertainment Weekly.

After his time on The Wire ended, he starred on The Walking Dead as Tyreese, and his death shocked fans during Season 5. Coleman spoke about the death of his character, and he understood why Tyreese died at the time he did. Undead Walking shared his comments.

“It’s understanding the magnitude of living out your ideology, not just saying words, but actually living it out. That’s an incredibly challenging thing to do for any human being, but in this situation… I thought when he died, he absolutely had found his absoluteness in this life.

What do you think of Chad Coleman’s rant? Do you think he needed to apologize for his reaction to the racial slur used against him?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]