Dog Thrown From Car Window

Dog Thrown Out Car Window: Female Pit Bull Thrown From Vehicle Appears To Have Given Birth To Puppies

A dog thrown out a car window on Wednesday has authorities looking for the person responsible for the horrendous act. WMUR 9 News reports that a female Pit Bull mix was thrown possibly from a dark-colored Cadillac in Rochester, New Hampshire, on Norway Plains Road.

The dog appears to have recently given birth to puppies, the report explains. Aside from being thin and suffering a few scratches, the animal seems all right. She’s currently at the Rochester Police Department’s holding facility under the care of veterinarian, Dr. Moon.

Anyone who recognizes the dog that was thrown from the vehicle, knows who her owner is, or has any information about the dog being thrown from a window, are urged to contact the Rochester Police Department’s Animal Control officer at (603) 330-7122.

WCVB 5 reports that back in March, another dog was thrown from a car in the state of New Hampshire. A two-year-old Shih Tzu was tossed out the window of a moving vehicle in Manchester. An anonymous witness in the car behind the one “Cooper” was in said the vehicle slowed down before noticing a “white thing come out of the passenger-side window.”

At first she thought it looked like a piece of trash that was thrown outside the vehicle, but it had “legs and a little face.”

The witness rushed to the pup’s side, and he fortunately seemed relatively unharmed — just “shaken up.” He was then driven to Manchester Animal Hospital by the witness.

At the time, Carolyn Vanderhorst of the Manchester Animal Shelter said the pup was “very nervous” and “very overwhelmed” after the incident. He found it hard to trust people after the traumatic treatment at this hands of whomever had him inside the car.

The small dog thrown out the car window was examined to be in good health and determined to be between two and four-years-old. He wasn’t fixed and weighed around 10 pounds.

In August of last year, there was story in which a female dog that appeared to had recently given birth was left for dead alongside a highway in Oklahoma. The Inquisitr wrote about the dog being saved by a trucker who spotted the animal. She was laying on the hot concrete still alive, but not well; she had bite marks and was hardly able to move. The good samaritan got her the help she needed and soon she was being rehabilitated with a strong will to survive.

[Image via Rochester NH Police Department Facebook Page]