That Thing

Lauryn Hill Sings ‘Doo-Wop (That Thing)’ As Apology For Missed Concert [Video]

The last time there was online buzz about Lauryn Hill, the popular singer who came to fame as the lovely female face of the Fugees, was when the singer was confused by some fans with 19-year-old Lauren Hill, the basketball player who lost her life to cancer. Now Lauryn is making the news due to a viral video apology that she has issued for missing a Lagos concert due to a concert promoter, as she explains on Hill’s Facebook page.

“Hello Lagos, Nigeria!

We are disappointed to report that we will not be performing at tonight’s concert. From our end, we did everything we were supposed to do, including waiting at the airport for many hours, ready to fly out and share the evening with you. Unfortunately, after much effort, the promoter was not able to get all of our travel arrangements taken care of. This prevented us from being able to fly into Nigeria in time to make the concert. We were all very excited to come, and very disappointed that we couldn’t make this one. HOWEVER, we are working to reschedule our appearance ASAP. From what we’ve been told, the promoter intends to honor all tickets sold. Our best to and for Lagos. Love and Blessings!

Ms. Lauryn Hill and the MLH band and Production Team.”

The above video from Lauryn is being called the best apology ever by sites like Vibe. ‎It is also growing in popularity, with the message to Nigeria from Hill gaining more than 3.3 million views on Facebook within the 20 hours since the video was uploaded.

Notably, the video from Lauryn doesn’t include all the verses that the official Hill “Doo-Wop (That Thing)” YouTube video contains. While Hill and her background singers beautifully croon the first verse about women who are all about “that thing” — including “hair weaves like Europeans and fake nails done by Koreans” — they don’t go on to sing the verse that’s dedicated to the men, those more concerned with their car rims and shoes or boots than their women.

Hill calls herself Ms. Hill in the video, changing the “Lauryn is only human” line — and makes sure to cover her mouth and not curse during the video. Hill planned to play Lagos on May 1, at the May Day Live Concert, but since she couldn’t perform, the video was her entertaining apology that has gone viral.

[Image via Facebook]