Apple’s Steve Wozniak Believes Machines Have Turned Us Into Family Pets

Steve Wozniak was the co-founder of Apple and helped change the history of technology along with Steve Jobs. On Friday night, he appeared at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA to talk about technology. Mass Live quotes Wozniak.

“The machines won 200 years ago. We made them too important. That makes us the family pet….I love technology, to try it out myself. I’ve got at least 5 iPhones…. I have some Android phones.”

Wozniak doesn’t seem as concerned as others that technology is taking over our lives; he seems to accept it as a fact of life. A couple years back, ITV News wrote a mind-opening article on how technology has gone too far.

“Just a few decades ago none of us had access to the amount of technology available today, even basic computers were out of most people’s reach but now they fit into the palms of our hands. They have transformed the way we live, from our personal relationships to our working habits, but has the balance tipped too far; have we become slaves to the screen?”

The article uses two new parents as a study and the results, needless to say, are interesting. But they probably mean nothing to Steve Wozniak and Apple fanatics, who make it a religion to camp out for Apple products for days.

According to Mass Live, Steve Wozniak doesn’t necessarily think stuffing computers with classrooms helps children learn.

“A lot of our schools slow students down. We put computers in schools and the kids don’t come out thinking any better.”

Like a lot of educators, Wozniak believes that each classroom needs to have fewer students and that more advanced kids should be taken care of instead of forced to learn at the rate of less capable kids. Perhaps if the public education system was anything like it is today when Wozniak went to school, we wouldn’t have iPhones and laptop computers.

We will get to learn a lot more about Steve Wozniak in an upcoming film about Steve Jobs. CNET revealed the actor who will play Wozniak.

“Seth Rogen, whose career was launched on the short-lived cult classic NBC show Freaks and Geeks, is set to play Apple co-founder and former solder-master Steve Wozniak in an upcoming Steve Jobs biopic,” wrote CNET last October.

Let’s hope that Wozniak is more accurately played than he was in the critical flop Jobs, which starred Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs and Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak. Perhaps Steve Wozniak is the only true person who can portray Steve Wozniak.

[Photo Credit: Mass Live]