Prince Harry Visits Nottingham

Prince Harry Still Hasn’t Seen The Royal Baby, Pays Surprise Visit to Aussie Fast Food Joint

Prince Harry continues to chill in Australia while the rest of the world gushes over the arrival of his new niece, the royal baby. The red-headed royal was last spotted paying a casual visit to an Aussie fast food restaurant, dressed inconspicuously in a black sweater and baseball cap, the Daily Mail reports.

He was joined by a group of five friends and served by Tess Dillon, 19.

Prince Harry in Australia
Prince Harry ordered the “Queen Victoria Burger” out at Flipside Burger Bar in North Fremantle on Thursday
Photo courtesy Tess Dillon

“At first we couldn’t tell because they were all wearing casual clothing, it was hard to recognise him,” she said. “As soon as I realised and everyone behind me did as well, we were all giggling.”

The teen waitress also had the chance to influence the royal decision on the meal he would have.

“He asked which burger had the lot – with egg, bacon, beetroot and cheese – and that happened to be Queen Victoria Burger,” Dillon told the Daily Mail Australia.

“He found that quite funny, we all had a bit of a laugh. The burger is named after Queen Victoria, Harry’s great-great-great grandmother which is probably why he found it hilarious.

“It’s always exciting to see someone you hear so much about, such a recognisable figure, walk so casually into the store. It was a really exciting moment.”

Tess Dillon
The prince was joined by five minders and was served by employee Tess Dillon (pictured), 19, a law student

No one harassed Prince Harry for a photo, but one of Ms. Dillion’s friends posted a photo of Harry on Snapchat and drew an arrow to indicate how close she was to the third person in line to the British throne.

Why is Prince Harry in Australia while most of his family and his nation are celebrating the birth of the royal baby? He’s on a placement with the Australian Defence Force. It’s pretty clear to see that while he’s there, Harry expects to be treated like a regular person.

On Wednesday, the Prince ventured to Stables Bar in Perth to hang out with his fellow soldiers. Before his arrival, management at the bar set up a cordoned off area for the royal. But the prince insisted on sitting in the middle of the bar among the other patrons.

As People notes, whilst his niece was being born, Prince Harry was taking in an Australian Football League Match between the West Coast Eagles and the Greater Western Sydney Giants. He was casually dressed at that match too.

Prince Harry at Austrailian Football League game
Prince Harry at Australian Football League Game. Picture courtesy

It’s unlikely that Prince Harry will see his niece, the little princess, until he returns to Britain in May.

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