Carmen de Luz's 'Naked' Photo In Front Of Giza's Great Pyramids Has Egypt Furious

Carmen de Luz’s ‘Naked’ Photo In Front Of Giza’s Great Pyramids Has Egypt Furious

Carmen de Luz’s “nude” photo that was taken in front of Egypt’s Great Pyramids apparently has the country investigating whether or not the adult video star was attempting to make a video called “Cleopatra” on behalf of the production company Bang Bros. De Luz denies this is the case, but Egypt still believes something improper took place in front of their national treasure.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, an Egyptian court had a belly dancer sent to prison for wearing the colors of the Egyptian national flag, which was apparently considered an insult toward the country.

The controversy over Carmen de Luz’s “naked” photo started when she posted an “indecent picture” of herself on Facebook while she was touring in the area surrounding Giza’s pyramids and the Sphinx. The photo shows de Luz riding a camel while her butt is revealed for the camera.

Carmen de Luz Butt Photo Camel

Some believe that the visit to the great pyramids was connected to a planned Cleopatra-themed movie, which was shown by one of Carmen de Luz’s photo shoots.

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities is opening an investigation into the photo since they claim that “by thoroughly examining the pictures it is clear that there were no individuals or tour buses in the background, meaning that De Luz stayed in the area past the permitted hours.” Since the tourism police should have cleared the area by 5 p.m., it is claimed the adult video star must have been filming a pornographic movie, although the majority of de Luz’s photos are normal.

According to Ahram News, this would not be the first pornographic film made in front of the Great Pyramids, but the possibility that another one was made has Egyptian government officials outraged. According to Shabka News, Ahmed Shihab, vice president of an association responsible for the protection of Egypt’s monuments, blames the Minister of Antiquities for the incident and promises to hold accountable all those responsible.

Speaking out on her Instagram account, Carmen de Luz claims these reports are false.

“Wow not true… but I guess is free marketing… Honestly I have no words to describe all this crazy wrongs news and tv shows telling I went to Egypt for filming porn in pyramids named Cleopatra!! wow seriously?! Not true.”

On Twitter, de Luz issued a statement in Arabic, stating that she “did not shoot a porno in Egypt for the sacredness of its people,” and “only went to visit because I love Egypt.” Earlier today, she has continued to point out reports from any Egyptian media repeating these claims, and she calls all of them false.