Daniel Bryan: ‘WWE Isn’t Wrestling, It’s A Parody Of Wrestling’

Daniel Bryan’s book YES!: My Improbable Journey to the Main-Event of WrestleMania won’t be released until this summer, but, it’s already received a rave review for its honesty by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. Meltzer talked about Bryan’s book on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio and said that he couldn’t believe that WWE would allow a book that was this honest to be released under their banner.

According to Meltzer, Bryan’s book focuses on his wrestling career and his relationship with his wife Brie Bella. Also, Meltzer says Bryan confirms the reports of the disorganization within WWE, and even says that he came to the conclusion that “WWE isn’t pro wrestling, it’s a parody of pro wrestling,” and that’s why he doesn’t get angry or frustrated with his position in the company.

“One thing that I thought was interesting, and I don’t know when it was, it was probably a year or two ago. He was with Cesaro, and they decided that — in fact — WWE is not pro wrestling. He doesn’t mean that it’s sports-entertainment not pro wrestling because they’re the exact same thing, but [himself and Cesaro] are trying to figure out what [WWE] is, and they came to the conclusion, and the conclusion was that WWE is a parody of wrestling, and once they understood that, they weren’t that upset about anything anymore.”

“I’m reading this, and I can believe that [Daniel Bryan] believes everything that he wrote. And why I liked the book — and this is not a Mick Foley book or a Bret Hart book where I’m going to tell you that this is some awesome, awesome book — but it was a very easy read for me, because I’m reading this book and not getting frustrated by going ‘this guy is so full of s**t, and this guy’s memory sucks.’ His memory of everything was 100% spot-on. There’s no issues with the book at all, I’m just stunned that this stuff is in a WWE book, because every WWE book that I’ve seen is so watered down.”

The book apparently ends two weeks after his WWE World Heavyweight Championship win at WrestleMania 30, and — according to Meltzer — the final page, which is his full conclusion and opinion on WWE, is completely shocking and is worth buying the book for.

Unfortunately, it’ll be another two months before WWE fans get to see just how shocking the final page of Daniel Bryan’s book is, as it’s scheduled to be released on July 21.

In other Daniel Bryan-related news, WWE has updated the fans on the status of the Intercontinental Champion on their website. It looks like WWE is planning to have Daniel Bryan appear on WWE television sometime next week, presumably on RAW, to give further details on his status. In the update — which can be seen below — WWE doesn’t really give any clues as to what is going to happen. They tease that either The Authority will strip him of the IC Title, he’ll surrender it himself because he’s not able to be a fighting champion, or that he’s ready to return to action immediately.

“Perhaps The Authority should, in fact, step in. Bryan himself has proclaimed that a titleholder needs to be a fighting champion, always ready to give the WWE Universe the show they deserve. If the bearded superstar can’t provide that level of competition due to injury or otherwise, even he would argue it’s only fair that he should step aside for someone else who can.”

“It’s very possible that this swell of speculation is all for nothing. Certainly, ‘The Beard’ could emerge on RAW or SmackDown, this week or the next, to clarify that he’s ready to return — be it after a few more weeks of recoup or, better still, that he is good to go now. In that case, there then would remain one more very important question: Should Bryan come back to defend the title, will he be the same athlete that we have come to know?”

[Image via Suzi Pratt / Getty Images]