Royal baby debut

Kate Middleton’s Hairdresser Arrives At Hospital, Baby Girl Could Go Home Today

Will the royal baby make her international debut today?

According to Us Weekly, Kate Middleton’s hair stylist, Amanda Cook Tucker, arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital a little while ago, suggesting that the Duchess of Cambridge is getting ready to head home with her new baby girl. Kate and Prince William will more than likely introduce their daughter on the steps of the hospital, just as they did when they welcomed Prince George. After the child’s debut, the couple will grab their bags, place the baby in her car seat, and drive themselves home (to Kensington Palace).

The new princess was born at 8:34 a.m. local time. It would be somewhat odd for Kate Middleton to be discharged from the hospital on the same day that she gave birth, but it is a possibility. Prince George was born on a Monday at 4:24 p.m. (local time), and left the hospital with his parents on Tuesday.

The royal baby girl’s debut will most likely be on Sunday morning. It’s quite possible that Kate Middleton wanted to get her hair done before having any visitors (Carole and Michael Middleton will more than likely be stopping by this evening, as will the Queen and Prince Philip).

Although the princess is only hours old, thousands of people are anxiously waiting for the doors at St. Mary’s Hospital to open. The media has been fixated on those now-famous glass double doors. Two officers are guarding the entrance, but many believe that Kate and William will be stepping out at any moment.

According to PopSugar, a royal protection officer was spotted carrying clothes into the hospital. And just moments ago, Prince William pulled up to the door and carried his son, Prince George, inside to meet his new baby sister!

While Kate Middleton and Prince William have likely already chosen a name for their baby girl, it has not been announced yet. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the little one has already been given the royal title of “princess.” She is fourth in the line to the throne and will remain behind older brother Prince George, regardless whether or not her parents have another child.

Favorites for her name include Alice and Charlotte, and will more than likely be a combination of three or four names. What do you think the new princess will be named? Are you happy that William and Kate had a girl?

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]