Freddie Gray: Surveillance Footage Of Van’s Mysterious Second Stop Released [Video]

The series of events that led to Freddie Gray’s death while in police custody still remain a mystery. Over the past couple days, a number of new developments have surfaced, including details about a mysterious second stop the Baltimore Police Department’s van took while en route to the Western District police station. Now, the surveillance footage that captured that mysterious second stop has been released.

According to the Daily Mail, CCTV footage of the questionable stop was captured by a privately-owned camera. The two-minute clip shows presumably the van driver, Officer Caesar Goodson and approximately four police officers at the back doors of the transport van. The reason for the stop is still unknown, but the incriminating footage has raised questions because the six officers charged failed to mention this particular stop.

Details about the new stop followed numerous account about Gray’s ride in the transport van. The other prisoner in the van, identified as Donte Allen, reportedly claimed he’d heard Gray “banging on the walls,” and that it seemed as if he was “intentionally trying to hurt himself.” But, during an interview with WBAL, Allen later refuted those claims by clarifying that he’d never spoke with police.

“When I got in the van, I didn’t hear nothing. It was a smooth ride. We went straight to the police station. All I heard was a little banging for about four seconds. I just heard little banging, just little banging,” Allen said. “They’re trying to make it seem like I told them that, I made it like Freddie Gray did that to himself. Why the f**k would he do that to himself (sic)?”

It has been reported that Gray was actually in the van 45 minutes before being transported to a local hospital. It is still unclear how long he was actually unconscious inside the van. All six police officers involved are facing charges associated with Gray’s death.

[Image via Baltimore Police Department Screen Capture]