Tara Reid and Elizabeth Banks

Tara Reid Takes High Road Amid Brewing Elizabeth Banks Feud

Tara Reid might feel a bit slighted by the comments Elizabeth Banks recently made about her, but she’s choosing not to start an all out war. Elizabeth Banks recently made some comments about Tara Reid that were both unsolicited and a bit mean-spirited. Probably going for the funny, Elizabeth Banks instead came off as perhaps not liking Tara Reid, or at the very least being glad her career hadn’t gone the same way.

The 41-year old actress was talking about what it was like coming up in business to the Hollywood Reporter when she made comments that have had the internet buzzing over the last few days.

“There was a group of us girls coming up,” Banks said. “A lot of us are surviving. Some of us are not. I used to go to auditions with Tara Reid. So, you know, we didn’t all make it. We’re not all still here.”

If that wasn’t enough, and to make it perfectly clear that she has some kind of animus towards Tara Reid, Banks threw in “but I loved
‘Sharknado.'” Now, these comments are normally the kind that will stir up one heck of a Hollywood brouhaha. But to her credit, Tara Reid isn’t taking the bait.

The 39-year-old actress told the media, “I’ve always been a fan of her work and that’s sad to hear she said those things about me.”

Tara added that if Reid ever saw Elizabeth Banks on the street, she would still say “hi.”

While Elizabeth Banks is starring in some rather high-profile movies, including the Hunger Games series, Tara Reid has been making a name for herself as a kind of B- or C-list actress. At the same time, those careers can actually stretch longer, and the actors and actresses can actually have a more devoted following. The actress, who made her name in the American Pie series and once was a much bigger star than Banks, recently announced that she has signed up for yet another installment of the Sharknado movies.

She took to Twitter to announce the new deal back in January, saying, “Ok guys I have a great announcement get ready its official I just signed on to #Sharknado3 Woo hoo!!!!! (sic).”

It’s a safe bet that Elizabeth Banks won’t be sending the actress flowers as a congratulatory move. Still, here’s hoping Elizabeth Banks and Tara Reid can patch this up, or at least continue to keep it from escalating.

[Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Macy’s]