Mother's Day and it's a princess

Mother’s Day: Time To Tell Yours That She’s A Princess!

Mother’s Day is almost here and one royal mother has thrilled the world with a new princess! The unnamed baby girl was born this morning at Lindo wing in St Mary’s hospital. In the UK, Mother’s Day happens in March, but U.S. royal family fans are still delighted with the timing.

The U.S. holiday dates to President Wilson who listened to Anna Jarvis back in 1914. Anna’s mother died in the month of May, and Anna campaigned to have the first Sunday in May set aside to honor mothers everywhere. She never intended Mother’s Day to become another spending spree though, and she had some things to say against commercialization of the day.

“A printed card means nothing, except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world.”

But Americans are spending more every year for Mother’s Day, and lots of mothers out there don’t mind at all. A pretty card and bouquet of fresh flowers from the children can really make mom’s day!

Mother's Day cards

Not everyone prefers pretty though. Some future mothers are already planning for a different kind of card.

If you aren’t sure how to tell mom how much you love and appreciate her, Lisa Erspamer has something that will help. A Letter to My Mom is a collection of letters written by celebrities to their mothers, part of a series of other “letter” books. Contributors include Khloe Kardashian, whose instagram post made one follower cry a bit.

“..awww… This makes me teary!!!!! you know i love ya”

khloe kardashian

Monica Lewinsky, Molly Sims, and Kelly Osborne all wrote letters to their mothers too.

Kelly Osborne wrote about identifying (finally) with her famous mother.

“As a teen and up into my mid-twenties, I did everything I possibly could to make myself different, not only to my detriment but to yours as well… Like all teenage girls I had this ridiculous fear of growing up and becoming just like you. I was so ignorant and adamant about creating my ‘own’ identity. I woke up one day and realized that I am you. How could I not be? Why had I been fighting the inevitable for so long? You are the most beautiful, kind, generous, loving, and — let’s not forget — strongest person I have ever met and the best part is that you are MY mum. I am so proud to be your daughter.”

Aw! So nice to see daughters growing up and finally realizing their mothers are the best! And it seems to be the way of mothers and daughters the world over, whether they’re famous or not. Will new mother Kate and the baby princess have a royal spat or two over the years? Probably. It’s a mother and daughter thing. But we’re pretty sure the princess will always be ready with a Mother’s Day card and fresh flowers!

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