George Clooney celebrated with Tala Alamuddin.

Tala Alamuddin, Amal Clooney’s Younger Sister, Celebrates Birthday With George Clooney [Video]

Tala Alamuddin is turning heads with her resemblance to her sister, Amal Clooney. The paparazzi went wild when Amal’s husband, George Clooney, decided to celebrate his sister-in-law’s birthday with a big dinner party, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Tala lived it up with George and her parents, Baria and Ramzi, at the luxurious Il Buco Restaurant in New York. Amal and Tala’s parents were also spotted arriving at the restaurant.

Both Tala and Amal share a taste for designer attire. Tala, for example, chose $800 Giamba platform suede glitter heels to strut in style for her birthday.

However, wearing those ultra-high heels isn’t always fun, reported the New York Daily News. Trying to pick her way over the cobblestones as she exited the restaurant, Tala fell from her five-inch shoes.

But where was Tala’s sister and George’s wife?

Amal is a highly active Human Rights lawyer, and she was attending a National Press Club conference in Washington, D.C.

In contrast, Tala is an Independent Events Services Professional who lives in Singapore. And while Amal and George don’t have any children yet, Tala is a mother, reported People.

“Tala is a wonderful mother, a fantastic friend,” said a family insider. “She’s full of heart.”

In addition, the source praised Amal’s sister for her dedication to parenting.

“Tala is a jewel. When I speak about Tala, I feel it’s like speaking about one of my own daughters. Tala is a giver. Always caring about her children.”

Often compared to Pippa Middleton, Tala also is close to her sister, just as with Kate Middleton, said the source.

“[Tala and Amal] are very close as sisters, as friends. There isn’t any rivalry, not a bit between them,” noted the insider.

As the Inquisitr reported, Duchess Kate and her sister, Pippa, are so close that some speculate Pippa may be chosen as the royal godparent. However, with five to 10 godparents for each baby prince or princess, Duchess Kate and Prince William have a royalty of riches from which to choose.

If and when George and Amal have children, Tala may be asked to step up to the parenting plate and take on that role.

[Photo By Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty Images]