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WWE News: Big Update On Plans For WWE SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar To Win Back WWE World Title?

WWE SummerSlam is the second biggest WWE PPV of the year. Several great memories have come from the show and it is usually always fun. WWE ends most of their summer angles through SummerSlam and starts new ones for the Fall. That said, the show is quite important to the WWE. This year, the show will remain a big deal to WWE storylines.

As we know by now, Seth Rollins is WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He won the title in a controversial way, as he cashed in his Money in the Bank case to make the main event of WrestleMania 31 a triple threat match. The trick was, he came out when both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns were down and in a bad way. All Rollins had to do was pick the bones.

Rollins came out and made sure to take Reigns out of the equation as he pushed him out of the ring. He then went to curb stomp Lesnar only for Lesnar to catch him and get him up into an F5. That was when Reigns came in and speared Brock, causing Rollins to fall out of the F5. Rollins then waited until Reigns was in position and curb stomped him into the match, resulting in Rollins winning and becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

This made Brock Lesnar furious, and on WWE RAW the next night, he demanded a rematch for his championship. This led to Stephanie McMahon coming out and saying that she would give Brock his match later that evening. She sort of lived up to what she claimed as Rollins was present, but didn’t want to put the title on the line. This led to Brock going after Rollins, but due to the fact that he could not get The Architect, he decided to take out his frustrations on anyone he saw.

Thus, he took out J&J Security and even WWE announcer Michael Cole. Lesnar then went after a camera man. Stephanie came out and told Lesnar to stop and since Brock didn’t get what he wanted, he took out the camera man with an F5. This led to Brock’s suspension from WWE and why we don’t see him right now….at least storyline wise.

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So, now that we’re caught up, how does this fit into SummerSlam?

The idea is that Lesnar will be back potentially after WWE Battleground in a few months. This will mainly be because of Rollins running his mouth like we continue to see each week now. The current rumor is that Triple H will get tired of Rollins and then punish him by bringing back The Beast Incarnate. This will then lead to Rollins putting his WWE World Title on the line at SummerSlam.

This would normally have us thinking that Brock would walk out champion. However, it is not as black and white. There are a few things that could change. The first is that Rollins could lose his title which would end up in Brock Lesnar coming back for revenge, not for the title he lost. So Triple H would sick Lesnar on Rollins for the same causes but without the title. Another thing could be that he faces off for the title, but interference or something similar causes Lesnar to not win back his championship.

According to Cageside Seats, Lesnar most likely will not win back the WWE World title. Although it was believed that Lesnar would win beforehand, there is an issue with such a thing.

Last year, fans got annoyed that Lesnar was never around when he did win the championship. Few hated the idea that Lesnar was champion, but did hate that we rarely saw him. That is why fans loved him earlier this year, we saw so much of him. Now that he is not around, many are happy that he didn’t retain at WrestleMania. So it may be a while before we see Lesnar as champion again.

Of course, as always, plans could change. For now, we can assume Brock Lesnar will not win the WWE World Title back. The only fact we have is that Lesnar will be back to wrestle at WWE SummerSlam. WWE makes big money off of Lesnar, so he will probably be back for a few months this time around instead of leaving right after SummerSlam.

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