Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Thanks Soldier For His Service With Amazing Gesture

Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson proved he’s a class act on a recent flight.

According to the Huffington Post, Wilson met Kane Bernas, an American soldier, on a Wednesday flight back to the city. The Superbowl-winning quarterback wanted to give something back to Bernas for his service to the country, so he had the soldier upgraded to first class.

The gesture led to a brief Twitter conversation between the two.

Russell Wilson likely had some pull with their Airline, Alaska Air, since he is their “Chief Football Officer” and spokesman.

Wilson is known as a universally nice guy. According to the International Business Times, he’s an advocate for anti-bullying campaigns, claiming he was also a victim of bullying as a kid.

ESPN reported Wilson told a group of students, “Your actions stay with you forever. So you want to make sure those actions are something you’re proud of in the future.”

During the height of the NFL’s avalanche of domestic abuse scandals last season, Wilson also wrote an op-ed piece calling on players, and the league, to take more responsibility and join a program to support victims.

“I want us to Pass the Peace to support victims of domestic violence. The idea behind Pass the Peace is simple: It’s a promise. I’m sharing my love for you. I want to take care of you. I am here for you.”

Russell Wilson ended up a strong voice on a sensitive subject many NFL players did not want to discuss, despite the media scrutiny at the time.

Fans will likely see Wilson’s latest gesture as more evidence of the player’s kindness. The soldier ended the Twitter conversation saying “best flight ever dude!” It’s not every day you get to fly first class thanks to an NFL star.

As for Russell Wilson’s team, the Seattle Seahawks, they’re in the middle of draft picks for the upcoming season. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, they secured Kansas State receiver Tyler Lockett in the third round.

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