Woman looking for stranger she kissed at Boston Marathon

Woman Trying To Find Stranger She Kissed At Boston Marathon

According to the Huffington Post, a Tennessee woman who ran her first Boston Marathon on April 20 is looking for the stranger she kissed on a dare.

Why would a woman kiss a stranger? Barbara Tatge says her daughter, Paige, dared her to kiss a random, good-looking man. Then she took a picture of them kissing. About halfway into the race, Barbara decided to take the dare. The single 55-year-old woman later said, “That little kiss gave me wings on my shoes for the rest of the race.”

Paige wants to find the mystery man because he left an impression on her mother. Finding the stranger that her mother kissed would be a special birthday present for her mother. This week, the graduate student at Arizona State University took to social media and made appeals to media in the Boston area.

CBS-Boston added some clues to its article by reporting that the kiss took place along the marathon course on Washington Street in front of Nick’s Pizza House in Wellesley.

Paige is excited about the response she has received already.

“The response has been great so far. I can’t believe the responses from random people wanting my mom to find this man. It’s been great.”

Barbara says she’s a little embarrassed by the attention.

“I don’t want it to seem like I’m this desperate woman that’s seeking this man. But my daughters are so sweet, and they’re always looking out for my best interests.”

Barbara doesn’t know anything about the man she kissed. She doesn’t know whether he is married or single like she is. She doesn’t know if he is in a relationship with someone. She admits that she doesn’t want to do anything to put the stranger in an awkward position. If he is married or in a relationship, she wants his wife or significant other to know that she was the one who approached him.

After the kiss, the stranger called out for her to call him, but regretfully she didn’t get his telephone number.

“I’d like to find out who he is, regardless of how this all turns out. Am I kicking myself? Maybe just a little.”

Paige says she’s not surprised her mother took her up on the challenge because she is a risk taker. She dared her mother to kiss a Wellesley man because her mother wanted to have a good time at her first Boston Marathon. Barbara finished the marathon in 4:15.

Barbara is curious about what the outcome of her daughter’s search will be. Would you kiss a stranger on a dare like Barbara did?

[Photo Courtesy of Paige Tatge]